‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: Season 7 Ends With a Wild Finale

by Jeremy Spirogis
Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine often goes large in terms of season finales, and “Lights Out” isn’t any exception. The stakes are excessive, the storylines are hilarious, and it manages to wrap up an entertaining season whereas organising for Season 8.

[Spoiler Alert: This article comprises spoilers for Season 7 Episode 13 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.]

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, Joe Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle | John P. Fleenor/NBC

There’s a blackout in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

In the chilly open of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode, Terry warns the squad to be looking out for “Pedal Pubs,” bike-powered cell bars which have began getting used across the metropolis. Captain Holt then reminds everybody that it’s Amy’s final day earlier than she goes on maternity go away.

As Charles, Jake, and Amy talk about what Charles will likely be known as by Jake and Amy’s son, the facility goes out. Along with Rosa, they stroll out to see that every one of Brooklyn has misplaced energy. Jake says he likes blackouts due to how peaceable they’re, after which the group hears gunshots.

“Nope, it immediately turned into a purge,” Jake says. “Way to go New York! All right, let’s suit up.”

Scully and Hitchcock work collectively to eat the entire meals from the fridge, after which Amy, Jake, Rosa, and Charles understand Holt and Terry are nowhere to be discovered.

“Guys, where did our dads go?” Jake asks.

It’s then revealed Holt and Terry are trapped in an elevator collectively, which occurs to be one among Holt’s largest fears. Rosa calls the hearth division to get them out, and Amy is left in cost as she is the highest-ranking officer current.

Amy’s water breaks within the ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ finale

As Amy provides out directions, Charles learns that his nemesis, the horse Sergeant Peanut Butter, is now a Lieutenant. Jake and Charles go to the supply of the facility loss and uncover a automotive crashed right into a transformer. They comply with a path of blood and arrest the driving force.

The fireplace fighters arrive to assist Holt and Terry, and as Amy provides out directions she additionally asks for a pair of sweatpants. Rosa asks why, and Amy tells her that her water broke. Rosa tries to persuade Amy to go to the hospital, however she refuses and says she has sufficient time.

Holt turns into an increasing number of agitated as they wait to be set free of the elevator, so Terry comes up with a method to calm him down. To distract Holt, the 2 of them follow the dance to Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It.”

Jake rushes to be there for the delivery of his son

When Amy refuses to depart the precinct, Rosa lets Jake know that Amy’s water broke. Charles makes it his mission to get Jake again in time for his son’s delivery. As they wait in visitors, an older lady named Dottie walks as much as their automotive and tells them she will’t get to her residence as a result of the elevator will not be working. Jake affords to take Dottie again to the precinct till the facility comes again on.

Throughout the evening, Jake runs into an increasing number of obstacles stopping him from attending to Amy on time. Traffic doesn’t let up, Dottie shoots Jake and Charles’ perp, they usually understand the blackout was an elaborate ruse to allow a financial institution theft.

Jake will get to the hospital in time, however Amy calls and lets him know that she waited too lengthy and has to provide delivery on the precinct. Because he vowed to get Jake to Amy on time, Charles calls in Lieutenant Peanut Butter for Jake to journey.

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The ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ finale ends with Amy having the infant

Back on the precinct, Hitchcock and Scully arrange a birthing room utilizing their nap provides, and Holt and Terry dance to “Push It” to distract Amy from the ache. Jake arrives simply in time, and excitedly tells Amy that he “rode a horse” to get there.

At the hospital after the delivery, the squad go to Jake and Amy. They reveal their son’s title is McClean, like in Die Hard, and Charles will likely be known as Uncle Charles. Rosa will likely be known as Auntie Ro-Ro as a result of she stayed by Amy’s aspect all the time, inflicting Charles to storm out since “she gets to be Ro-Ro.”

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