By planting these bushes in the home, you’re getting hassle, you convey these bushes destructive vitality !!

by Jeremy Spirogis
By planting these trees in the house, you are getting trouble, you bring these trees negative energy !!

In Vaastu Shastra it’s thought-about very auspicious to have bushes round the home, however additionally it is necessary to have information of which path the tree ought to be planted.

Because some bushes give constructive vitality and a few destructive vitality, so every time planting a plant thoughtfully, today we let you know some issues associated to planting bushes.

1 Pakad, sycamore, mango, neem, pierced and thorny tree, peepal, august, tamarind shouldn’t be planted close to the home.

2 The proprietor of the home that grows Kadamb, Banana and Lemon by no means grows.

3 It is alleged that Peepal within the east, Milk tree in Agnikon, Pakad, Nimba, Kadamb within the south, Kadamb within the west, Prickly tree within the west, Gudar, Banana, Chhai within the north and Kadali tree in Ishan shouldn’t be planted earlier than planting. Take a tail from Vastushastri.

4 The lack of offspring from the fruitful tree within the east, the concern of the enemy from the thorny tree within the west, the destruction of wealth as a result of planting of milkweed bushes within the south, these bushes present struggling, eyebrows and mourning, though this tree in somebody in the home If not, it’s proper.

5 The bushes from which gum comes out, that’s, pine and so forth. shouldn’t be planted within the premises of the home.

6 The planting of peepal and banyan bushes on the east facet of the home shouldn’t be auspicious, as a consequence of this, there are indicators of well being loss, lack of status and deficiency.

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