Cardi B Will Respond to These Feud Rumors however It’ll Cost You

by Jeremy Spirogis
Cardi B Will Respond to These Feud Rumors but It’ll Cost You

Cardi B has been the topic of many rumors of feuds with different celebrities. It appears to be the worth of fame. The extra profitable you’re, the extra different artists and so-called followers attempt to fire up some drama. Cardi B has an thought for the best way to deal with these rumors, and revenue off them too.

Cardi B | Prince Williams/Wireimage

The rapper was a visitor on the Zach Sang: Just the Interviews Podcast on Aug. 7. When Sang requested her about her plans to deal with rumors on her SolelyFans web page, Cardi B confirmed and elaborated. 

Cardi B is uninterested in made up drama

The media has linked Cardi B to feuds with different artists, from Nicki Minaj and CupcakKe. The rapper understands what fuels it however she needs they might cease.

“Because it’s entertaining to them,” she instructed Sang. “It’s entertaining to them and I really hate that sh*t. Even now, I still see funny things and it’s just like bro, why does it have to be like that? I just hate that. I put on social media, if you don’t like somebody’s picture as much as people want you to like their picture, they automatically think that you don’t get along with them.”

Cardi B would relatively be allies with different feminine rappers

Cardi B helps different feminine rappers. She simply collaborated with Megan Thee Stallion on “WAP.” Even if she doesn’t sing with them, she doesn’t wish to feud together with her colleagues.

“If you get along with a certain type of rapper, that means that you’re picking sides,” she stated. “It’s not even like that because you’re trying to develop these feelings against female rappers and we don’t even have those feelings towards each other. I don’t even want to feel that feeling towards anybody because I really be enjoying these women’s music.”

As a rapper herself, Cardi B can acknowledge how a lot work different artists put into their music.

Cardi BCardi B
Cardi B | Prince Williams/Wireimage

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“Sometimes when they do a certain performance, I be like yo, that’s dope,” she stated. “Sometimes I can tell when somebody’s working really, really, really hard. I can just tell because I’ve been through it. I’m just like yo, I know she’s tired. I know she’s not even sleeping. I admire that and I would like to give advice to the new young and coming.”

If you’re making an attempt to get to her, she’s going to revenue off it

The extra well-known she will get, Cardi B realizes some haters are simply making an attempt to rile her up. She determined if that’s going to occur, she will be able to take management of it by charging her SolelyFans subscribers to reply to these rumors. 

“Sometimes people make lies and fake receipts about me,” she stated. “If people’s goal is to get me mad and respond to them, if you want a response, y’all gotta pay for the response.”

Cardi B would relatively ignore it however followers received’t let her 

Cardi B is aware of one of the simplest ways to maneuver on is to disregard pretend rumors and never give them air. Unfortunately, social media has allowed them to maintain going. Chagrin her SolelyFans subscribers is a method she will be able to take management of the narrative.

Cardi BCardi B
Cardi B | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for MTV

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“I hate it,” she stated. “When is it going to finish? Sometimes I could wake up and it’s like I see that bullsh*t like how? I didn’t even do anything? What did I do now? It can be fake receipts, fake rumors, fake this, fake that. I don’t even want to address it but people want to believe so much [stuff] about me I just gotta be like nah, cut it.”

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