CEO of Telegram responds greatly to WhatsApp

by Jeremy Spirogis
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  • CEO of Telegram informed WhatsApp dangerous app

  • Pavel Durav suggested Jeff Bezos throughout the discussion

  • Advised to utilize Telegram rather than WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp promotes end-to-end encryption a whole lot

Raj Express Telegram and WhatsApp is in dispute, as Telegram CEO Pavel Durav stated during a discussion with Amazon president Geoff Bezos that WhatsApp is a dangerous software, clients should make use of Telegram rather. In inclusion, he additionally recommended Bezos to utilize it. <! –

                 Also, he stated that, if Jeff Bezos had been using Telegram rather than WhatsApp inside the phone, the product wouldn’t be in a position to hack and blackmail all of them.

What's the problem:

In fact, recently the telephone hacking incident associated with popular shopping web site Amazon president Jeff Bezos ended up being uncovered that has been carried out by WhatsApp and Apple's operating-system ended up being accountable for the hacking. Not just this, the headlines of blackmailing all of them has also been uncovered following this hacking. Due to the event, the 6-year-old texting software Telegram called the 11-year-old software WhatsApp dangerous globally.

May be harmful in a lot of products:

Elegram CEO Durov stated that, these shortcomings of WhatsApp are not just in iOS but additionally in Android and Windows Phone, this is certainly, making use of WhatsApp in iOS, Android and Windows products is dangerous and harmful for people. Can. People that have WhatsApp set up on the mobile phones have issue accessory associated with corrupt movie.

Durov's fiery reaction to WhatsApp:

Durov has actually also reacted dramatically towards the WhatsApp software, saying that WhatsApp considerably encourages its end-to-end encryption. Although, the organization claims that, this particular aspect is totally safe, however the the truth is that till day, no technology is made that will guarantee the privacy associated with clients whom make use of it. Apart with this, he informed that clients making use of Telegram will in addition dump lice pests in a variety of ways.

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