Chad Johnson Is Slamming Peter Weber because the Bachelor

by Jeremy Spirogis
Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson ended up being the villain on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette. It’s where he received the nickname “Bad Chad.” After Fletcher delivered him house, Johnson moved on to celebrity in Bachelor In Paradise, but ended up being kicked down for “belligerent” and “aggressive” behavior. Though he’sn’t already been on any Bachelor shows for a time, he however tweets about Bachelor Nation happenings.

Chad Johnson | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic
Chad Johnson | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

On January 12 he tweeted about Fletcher’s brand-new fixer-upper tv show, Cash Pad.

“Holy sh*t did anyone see how hard Jojo and Jordan’s show(s) tanked? Each show. Less than 10k views per episode. Both shows cancelled. Give it up. Y’all suck,” he wrote.

Suffice to express, he’s maintaining up their villainous inclinations.

Chad Johnson just isn’t impressed with Bachelor Peter Weber

Recently, he spoke to Us Weekly about their ideas in regards to the present bachelor. Let’s simply say he’s not impressed.

“There’s nothing really bad to say about him because he’s just kind of there,” he stated. “He doesn’t really seem like he should be the bachelor. I always thought the bachelor was supposed to be this ultimate guy with a great career, and he’s good-looking and in shape. But nowadays the bachelor is more like, ‘Here’s this PC guy that doesn’t really say any bad s–t.’ He smiles and he’s not ugly.’”

Despite Johnson reasoning Weber is a dull bachelor, he’s been tweeting their ideas on the pilot’s season thus far (mainly bashing the lead).

“If peters Instagram gets shut down after the show and he has no followers or brand deal income and is just a pilot makin like $50k a year do you think the girls would stay or go?” he tweeted.

He also known as Weber’s piloting skills into concern.

“I just wanna see Peter get into the cockpit of one of these old planes and be like “the f*ck is this sh*t! I can’t fly this sh*t I fly commercial, that sh*t practically flys itself! The pilot license is more of just a legal thing! Where’s the hot tub?!”” he wrote.

Chad Johnson’s ‘Bachelor’ premiere tweets

Here are Johnson’s thoughts from the premiere (again, mainly roasting Weber):

“Peter looks like James Bond’s nerdy younger brother Timmy Bond,” he tweeted.

“Peter is tryin to tongue down every girl the first night,” he wrote.

“It’s funny how The Bachelor or Bachelorette always sends one super hot person home the first night to convince people they care about more than just looks,” tweeted Johnson.

Though Johnson isn’t thrilled Weber could be the bachelor, because of the appearance from it, he’ll continue weighing-in on their period. Especially as it appears like we now have rather the remarkable period in front of us.

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