Charlize Theron Says She Decided To Adopt Immediately After Breaking Up With This Ex

by Jeremy Spirogis
Charlize Theron

When you’re as well-known as Charlize Theron, individuals are inclined to get as taken with your love life as your films. Fans positively adopted Theron’s relationships with well-known males like actors Stuart Townsend and Sean Penn. Right now, the closest relationships in Theron’s life are her adopted youngsters, Jackson and August. She says which will have been a consider lots of her relationships. 

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Theron was a visitor on Diane von Furstenberg’s podcast InCost with DVF on July 29. She discussed her want to be a mom, and an adoptive one at that. She alluded to issues in a single relationship and it’s comparatively straightforward to slender it down.

Motherhood was at all times essential to Charlize Theron

Theron tells von Furstenberg she at all times knew she wished to be a mom sooner or later. She says she made this recognized to all her romantic companions too.

“It was also this thing in my relationships that was the make it or break it,” Theron stated. “I was very transparent to all of my partners and if that was not something that was important to them, then I couldn’t continue a relationship. Being a mother was one of the most improtant things to me.”

Charlize Theron in goldCharlize Theron in gold
Charlize Theron | Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images for CDGA

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Were any of her boyfriends open to parenthood, Theron may need had organic youngsters. Once it turned clear she was doing it herself, she opted for adoption over different prospects.

“I was open to that idea with a partner,” Theron stated. “Once I chose to be a mother on my own, adoption was really my first choice. There was never any other way that I thought I would create my family outside of adoption.”

Is Stuart Townsend the explanation Charlize Theron determined to undertake?

Theron describes a relationship that ended and prompted her to start out adoption proceedings. She doesn’t identify him, however the particulars counsel Townsend. They dated for nearly ten years, broke up in 2010 and Theron adopted Jackson in 2012.

“I was leaving a relationship, a long almost 10 years relationship,” Theron stated. “In the last couple years of that relationship, I really wanted to become a mother and it didn’t happen. When the relationship ended, I think it was the next morning I wanted to file for adoption. I found an adoption lawyer here in Los Angeles and I filed not only domestically but also internationally.”

Adoption just isn’t a fast course of

The technique of discovering Jackson nonetheless took years, and there have been many close to misses with different candidates. Theron described the emotionally troublesome course of.

The first time round for me was positively emotional for me within the sense that I feel I went via eight totally different conditions and so they didn’t work out, however you get emotionally connected. Each certainly one of them, I’d be made conscious of the mom and three, 4 months later one thing would come up and the adoption would fall via. Or, the particular person would simply disappear and we wouldn’t hear from her once more. All of these issues over a two yr interval may be very emotionally draining.

Charlize Theron, InCost with DVF podcast, 7/29/2020

Looking again, Theron wouldn’t change a factor as a result of that is the method that introduced Jackson to her. 

“Even though it took two years of emotional hell, she was supposed to be my baby,” Theron stated.

Fortunately, August was a faster adoption.

Charlize Theron Oscar nominee lunchCharlize Theron Oscar nominee lunch
Charlize Theron | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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“Jackson really wanted a baby sister and I had to explain to her that’s not really how adoption was,” Theron stated. “Then we got a call while I was in London that this African-American baby girl was in Texas.”

Theron braced herself, however August labored out. 

“You can imagine how chuffed Jackson was with herself that she kind of wished for this child,” Theron stated. “The first night we brought her home, I had the monitor next to the crib and I heard Jackson whisper to August, ‘I wished you.’”

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