Chris Evans’ Captain America Probably Won’t Return, and the MCU Already Explained Why

by Jeremy Spirogis
Captain America

The “death” of Captain America within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is arguably some of the artistic demises ever accomplished within the motion pictures. Having Steve Rogers time-travel again to the 1940s to be again along with his beloved Peggy Carter managed to shift every little thing in whether or not Cap actually ever existed within the post-2011 MCU timeline.

Yet, everybody nonetheless remembers his work and existence, which could create issues in what it means within the realm of time-travel altering the previous.

In the present MCU timeline, Steve Rogers is now an outdated man, if maybe by no means making himself recognized for one good purpose. Chris Evans, who performs Captain America, could not return based mostly on this intelligent technique, even when it does go away open some attention-grabbing potentialities for later.

The remainder of the world thinks Captain America is useless

Captain America
Chris Evans | Karwai Tang/WireImage

As Reddit customers remind, Captain America was introduced useless by the opposite Avengers to the remainder of the world to cowl for his time journey to get better his misplaced life. For the remainder of the world, Cap is useless and died on the hand of Thanos.

Marvel permitting this made for an effective way to set issues up so Evans can nonetheless finish his position with out anyone pondering Cap actually died. However, what about outdated Steve Rogers nonetheless present within the present time?

Some would possibly assume to have him nonetheless exist within the current time as an outdated man is advantageous if the possibility ever existed of Evans returning to the position. A handy technique may additionally be accomplished to make him younger once more ought to it ever come round.

Leave it as much as the MCU to create such satisfying conclusions that also go away it open for doable returns with extra logic than resurrecting a really useless particular person. With Iron Man, comparable open-ended plot factors exist, if by no means having the ability to resurrect Tony Stark in his unique bodily type.

Is the potential nonetheless there for Chris Evans’ return?

Evans has already made it greater than clear he felt good leaving the position of Captain America based mostly on the place the latter’s story went. At the identical time, he did be aware if there was ever an entryway to doing extra, it must make compelling sense.

Reddit customers above famous Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) become an outdated man, right into a child, then again once more by way of the experimental use of Pym Particles. Having this expertise out there proves functionality is there to take Steve Rogers and make him younger once more if want be.

If any entrance exists for Captain America to return, this may provide excellent alternative with out inflicting disruptions of logic. Whether it is smart within the realm of what Evans would count on in returning is one other factor.

Considering the world understands Captain America as being useless, maybe the psychological reasoning could be to only go away it as is. After all, if Cap had been revealed to be alive all alongside, it may create a complete different drawback in ever trusting the surviving Avengers.

What about an outdated Steve Rogers making a cameo?

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One drawback with having outdated Steve Rogers present within the present MCU timeline is how he might be averted in future motion pictures with out being seen. On the opposite hand, many have mentioned he’s 106 years outdated by 2023.

Perhaps somebody will point out his passing someplace alongside the road to seal any concept of Evans returning.

Otherwise, everybody could at all times query the place Steve is throughout the upcoming Disney+ MCU exhibits and future motion pictures. Rumors may persist for years of him being seen in quite a few scenes. Some already claimed outdated Steve was co-existing in previous MCU movies, together with at Peggy Carter’s funeral.

What could be most attention-grabbing is seeing Steve turn into Captain America once more as an outdated man, if clearly implausible/unimaginable. Leave it as much as the Pym Particles for presumably being a very handy plot machine for bringing all of the outdated Avengers again not directly.

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