‘Christmas Chronicles 2’ Stars Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn Had Big Ideas for Santa and Mrs. Claus within the Sequel

by Jeremy Spirogis
Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

When Kurt Russell performed Santa Claus in The Christmas Chronicles, there was just one lady who might fill the stockings of Mrs. Claus. Goldie Hawn performs Santa’s spouse, and he or she has a a lot bigger position within the sequel, The Christmas Chronicles 2. This time, Kate (Darby Camp) and her future stepbrother Jack (Jahzir Bruno) have to assist the Clauses cease a traitorous elf (Julian Dennison) from ending Christmas.

[Spoiler alert: This article accommodates delicate spoilers for The Christmas Chronicles 2 and the unique film.]

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell
Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell | Joe Lederer/fotojo/Netflix

Matt Lieberman, author of each Christmas Chronicles movies, spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet by cellphone in regards to the sequel, which is now obtainable on Netflix. Here’s how Hawn and Russell helped him form their characters. 

Goldie Hawn was a shock addition to the primary ‘Christmas Chronicles’

Hawn’s participation within the sequel form of provides away the shock from the primary Christmas Chronicles. Even Lieberman didn’t know she was going to indicate up on the finish when Santa returned to the North Pole. 

Santa Claus and Mrs. ClausSanta Claus and Mrs. Claus
Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell | Joseph Lederer/Netflix

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“Never in my wildest dreams did we think [we’d get Hawn],” Lieberman stated. “I don’t even know if that moment was even in the original script. I can’t remember. That was all kind of put together at the last minute. It was beyond our wildest expectations.”

A Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn film had quite a bit to stay as much as

Having Hawn present up as a cameo is one factor. Lieberman knew that writing a full film with Hawn and Russell had added stress. 

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“She was not committed at all to do the second movie when she was put into the first,” Lieberman stated. “So we determined to take a swing at placing her on this one, however we knew we needed to make it significant, not simply because it was her but it surely was her and Kurt’s first film that they’ve finished collectively since Overboard and that it was Mrs. Claus on prime of that, we wished to make the character actually significant, attention-grabbing and funky and make an impression.”

Kurt Russell took Matt Lieberman to Santa faculty

Lieberman solely writes The Christmas Chronicles. Russell lives them. 

“Having Kurt be on this position clearly made Christmas Chronicles 1 what it was,” Lieberman stated. “He just put his whole self into Santa Claus. When you sit with Kurt Russell, the summer maybe two or three months before shooting started and he already started to grow out his beard. You sit with him and he’s just so committed to the role. I told my wife it feels like I’m writing Santa’s autobiography with him or something.”

Kurt Russell as Santa ClausKurt Russell as Santa Claus
Kurt Russell | Joseph Lederer/Netflix

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So, Lieberman took notes on every thing Russell wished to be in The Christmas Chronicles 2.

“He had such a specific idea of who he was based on a lot of real mythology and St. Nick,” Lieberman stated. “His whole origin story which we were able to include in the movie, a lot of that came from Kurt [and] the idea that Mrs. Claus has this magic element.”

Goldie Hawn additionally had concepts for ‘The Christmas Chronicles 2’

Hawn was not fairly as technique as Russell, however she made recommendations too.

“There are definitely a lot of conversations like, ‘Would she come at this from this angle? This just happened. We would still be upset here. We can’t just switch into a different attitude right away,’” Lieberman stated. 

Christmas Chronicles 2Christmas Chronicles 2
L-R: Darby Camp, Goldie Hawn, Jahzir Bruno | Joseph Lederer/Netflix

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Russell and Hawn additionally advised on the themes of The Christmas Chronicles 2, that Santa and Mrs. Claus by no means had youngsters of their very own. Kate and Jack give them a short style of what having youngsters is perhaps like.

“That idea kind of came through drafts and actually thinking through the characters with Kurt and Goldie,” Lieberman stated. “Last year, I sat with them and [director] Chris [Columbus] and we really thought about who these people are, what makes them tick and what’s important to them. That’s how those ideas worked their way into the story.”

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