Colin Trevorrow Confirms Star Wars: Duel Of Fates Title, Concept Art

by Jeremy Spirogis
5 Biggest Changes From Colin Trevorrow's Alleged Rise of Skywalker Script

The subsequent shot offers us Rey, in an outfit much like what Luke Skywalker wears in The Return of the Jedi, having simply dispatched a lot of Stormtroopers with a double bladed blue lightsaber. Item three is the one Trevorrow remarks on, the place R2-D2 has taken important injury from one thing, however the author/director assures us he wouldn’t have died. And lastly we get a scene that has been referenced as being within the Duel of the Fates script, Kylo Ren battling a imaginative and prescient of Darth Vader as a part of his coaching with Tor Valum, the Emperor’s trainer.

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