CoronaVirus Alert: What is Corona Virus, These are Symptoms, How to Avoid, Treatment Not Possible Yet

by Jeremy Spirogis
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CoronaVirus: Corona virus circumstances have reached China (China) to India (India). Despite the World Health Organization's warning about Coronavirus, circumstances are growing.

China has already been hit by Coronavirus. But it’s a matter of concern that now an alert has been issued on the worldwide airports of Chandigarh, Mohali and Amritsar. In such a scenario, you also needs to know all the pieces associated to this virus.

What is CoronaVirus

The corona virus is a big group of viruses. Due to this, respiratory issues, that’s, issues associated to breath, start. <! –

                 Like frequent chilly. The lungs are affected. Breathing issues, coughs, colds and colds happen as quickly as a virus an infection happens. It also can trigger pneumonia. Usually, this virus spreads from animals to people. But scientists at the moment are saying that its signs had been additionally seen in hospital employees caring for sufferers affected by corona virus in China.

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Where did CoronaVirus come from?

Scientists are saying that this virus travels from one species of animal to a different species after which infects people. This time the corona virus has unfold, it’s being referred to as a very new sort of virus. The chance is that it reached people from animals. Although nothing has been mentioned about this authentic supply from China but. Researchers on the Peking University Health Science Center of China are saying that the corona virus that has unfold might have reached people by snakes. At the identical time, a second examine carried out by China Academy of Sciences claims that corona virus might be originated from bats or snakes.

First case of CoronaVirus

The first case of the mysterious corona virus such because the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) germ was first reported in Wuhan, China. So far in China, the variety of deaths as a consequence of this virus has reached 18. More than 600 persons are contaminated.

CoronaVirus Symptoms

Symptoms as a consequence of its an infection are-

– Headache
– working nostril
– Cough, sore throat
– fever
– Sneezing, worsening of bronchial asthma
– Feeling drained
– Pneumonia
– Lung swelling

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CoronaVirus Cure

The United Nations has already issued advisories on find out how to keep away from the corona virus.


CoronaVirus Treatment

No vaccine or drugs has but been developed to deal with the corona virus. Scientists are nonetheless engaged on it.

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