Coronavirus and how a positive patient at an Ethereum conference is changing the conference game

by Patrick Gon

One of the attendees of the Ethereum conferences held in Paris and London turned out to be positive for Coronavirus . This is Zhen Yu Yong , founder of the Torus wallet. 

Zen (this is his nickname on Twitter) discovered the positivity of the test from Covid-19 today and published the response on his Twitter profile. The choice was necessary to invite those who were with him to the same events to be particularly careful and possibly take the test. 

In the discussion, Zhen Yu Yong also clarified that according to his doctor, “It probably came from France”, or that he probably contracted the Virus in France, while he is less likely to have fallen ill at the Stanford Blockchain Conference or at the Ethereum Denver in mid-February. This is because the virus manifests its symptoms within 2-14 days, which coincides with the events of Paris and London.

Zhen is currently located in Singapore, where he was reached by ambulance to be transported to a center where he was tested safely.

The case of Coronavirus at Ethereum Conferences and postponed events

The Ethereum Community Conference was held in Paris from March 3 to 5, while ETHLondon was held from February 28 to March 1, 2020. 

No announcements appeared on the respective official channels inviting the participants to pay attention to their health conditions. Both conferences were held regularly despite the usual influx of people due to the fear of contagion.

In fact, Coronavirus has seriously affected Italy but has spread to all European countries. In France, a thousand infections have already been exceeded and among the positives, there is a Macron government minister, Franck Riester. 

In Britain, there are currently around 300 infected. In both countries, the restrictive measures that have been taken in Italy are not in force, where in fact all public and private events are canceled, any type of gathering is prohibited and the inhabitants are confined to their respective municipalities.

However, the Coronavirus emergency has already impacted the world of blockchain conferences. The Blockchain Week Rome that should have been held in the coming days was postponed to July. 

In recent days, even Hong Kong Blockchain Week has been canceled and postponed. Even the NiTRON 2020 (the meeting dedicated to Tron) which was to be held in recent days in Seoul has been postponed to a later date.

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