Coronavirus from a particular species of turtle

by Jeremy Spirogis
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In Wuhan, China, turtle meat is being given to sufferers affected by coronavirus an infection. It is specifically given for dinner to the sufferers stored within the isolation ward within the hospital. A video of that is additionally going viral. Experts have raised questions on this choice of the hospital administration as a result of it’s believed that Coronavirus was transmitted to people solely after consuming the soup of bats. Coronavirus an infection has began from Wuhan on account of which greater than 638 individuals have died right here.

Special species of turtle served
A particular species of turtle is being served to the sufferers for dinner. In frequent language, additionally it is referred to as delicate shell turtle, ie delicate shell tortoise or Jia Yu, which is discovered particularly in China. <! –

                 People in China have the impression {that a} excessive quantity of protein is present in these turtles with delicate shells. Turtle meat is taken into account to be stuffed with vitamins in China's medical science. Here, we imagine that because of the excessive protein in it, the affected person's situation improves quickly. These turtles are introduced from the forest or breeding facilities and are utilized in making soup.

What did the video say
In the video launched within the Chinese media, an individual claims that today the meat of the turtle with delicate shell has been given within the meals. A lady can also be seen saying that, brothers and sisters, we’re with you within the struggle you’re preventing. During this time a affected person says that turtle meat has been given in our meals today. Slippers, towels, brushes and bathroom paper have additionally been given to those sufferers.

Chinese scientists declare fully totally different
While scientists from everywhere in the world are questioning the giving of turtle meat to sufferers, the declare of Chinese scientists is the alternative. Chinese scientists say that coronavirus just isn’t from bats or snakes, a form of large lizard has reached people by pangolin. According to scientists from South China Agricultural University, samples taken from 1 thousand wild animals have been examined. The report has revealed that the genome meets the coronavirus and pangolin based mostly on sequence. This virus from the pangolin reached the bats and unfold the an infection to people with the bats.

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