‘Counting On’ Fans Think Some regarding the Duggar Women Have Strange Relationships With Their Fathers

by Jeremy Spirogis
The Duggar family

Counting On fans understand at this point that the Duggar family members is unlike modern American people. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have actually selected to boost their particular children with a strict collection of guidelines that held all of them away from touch aided by the real-world due to their whole upbringing. But the couple’s values stem from faith, where people tend to be looked over differently. And some fans believe the Duggar ladies (both the daughters while the partners) have actually unusual connections along with their dads.

The Duggar family
The Duggar family members | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

The Duggars’ religion values males differently than women

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar tend to be Baptists, in addition they don’t have a similar sex functions that a lot of modern-day people do. Rather, for them, a woman’s job would be to look after the children and kindly her spouse. Michelle when stated the infamous range, “Anybody can make lunch for him… But you are the only one who can meet that special need that he has in his life for intimacy.” It’s obvious that a woman’s part will be submissive also to allow her husband manage everything. But this indicates to own produced an odd commitment between dads and their particular daughters.

The Duggar daughters reportedly had an image of the parent inside their bathroom

Someone which employs the Duggar family members once published a display screen capture to Reddit, which demonstrably revealed an image of a new Jim Bob framed inside the daughters’ restroom. Reddit people then discussed the image, recommending it was totally improper to own an image of the teenage parent apparently seeing all of them as they had been when you look at the restroom. “It’s so weird that’s it’s a picture of when he was young AND alone,” one individual blogged. Similar opinions loaded the bond.

Lauren Swanson had a ‘first look’ with her parent at her wedding

The Duggar daughters aren’t the only real people who’ve strange father-daughter connections. Fans have actually suggested exactly the same of both Lauren Swanson (hitched to Josiah Duggar) and Kendra Caldwell (married to Joseph Duggar). Reddit people had been additionally talking about the strange nature of Swanson having a “first look” along with her parent before her marriage, and Josiah asking her father’s authorization to kiss her by saying, “Can I kiss her, daddy?” Some people in the Reddit thread expressed which they thought exactly the same uncomfortable vibes from Caldwell’s parent, also; Caldwell grew up really much like the Duggars.

The women’ fathers are those they have to follow when you look at the family

It’s possible that the main reason girls have actually such an
accessory for their parent is really because they truly are raised to trust that their particular
parent is the most essential individual inside their life. The Duggar family members, and
people just like all of them, price males since the “headship” regarding the family — the
choice manufacturer while the one whom
they must always obey
. These dads raise their particular daughters to trust that
the males inside their resides tend to be their particular superiors, that might give an explanation for continual
dependence on authorization, such as for example Josiah Duggar asking their wife’s parent if he could
kiss her.

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