‘Counting On’: It Has Been More Than Two Years Since the Duggars Have Publicly Acknowledged Jill Duggar

by Jeremy Spirogis
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has slowed up their reactions to fan concerns on Instagram and
Twitter. While many followers think Derick’s choice to away Jim Bob as a
control nut, which hoards the
family’s money
officially kicked from the family members feud, in the event that you look closely,
it is obvious that things have now been bad involving the Dillards additionally the Duggars for
awhile. Jill’s siblings comment on her behalf Instagram articles, her cousin also defends
her on Twitter and Instagram, but Jill’s moms and dads have actuallyn’t openly recognized
her in over 2 yrs.

The last time Jill had been showcased from the household’s Instagram page was
over 100 days ago

The cool war involving the Dillards and also the Duggars generally seems to attain
straight back much more than a couple weeks. In reality, upon closer examination, Jill has actuallyn’t
already been discussed because of the Duggar family members to their formal Instagram page since Joy-Anna
Duggar’s wedding
. Even then, Jill was just within the set of “older
women,” each of who were currently hitched whenever Joy strolled along the
aisle. Joy-Anna hitched Austin Forsyth in May 2017.

The last post from the household’s official Instagram web page that even
mentions Jill and Derick concerns the beginning of Sam Dillard, Jill and Derick’s
2nd child. Sam, who had been produced in July 2017, invested many weeks into the NICU,
relating to In
. The image provided by the Duggars’ Instagram page includes a
watermark, recommending that your family may invest almost no time with Jill’s

The last time she was handed a shoutout from the family members weblog was at

The lack of Jill is not included in order to the household’s Instagram
web page, both. There was nary a mention of Jill, Derick, or her two young ones
since 2017 from the family’s official weblog. The last mention of Jill and Derick
from the family members weblog had been a congratulatory post about the
birth of Sam
. The web log post didn’t feature any penned terms. Instead, it
had been an accumulation of celebratory video clips.

[embedded content]

Several of this Duggar children provided individual video clips to Derick and Jill.
Jim Bob and Michelle additionally published a congratulatory movie, but there was clearly
one thing a little odd about their particular taped message. The couple didn’t mention much
about their particular girl and son-in-law. They dedicated to how big Sam and also the
proven fact that he
was the eighth of many many grandchildren to come
. That had been it, plus it had been
the final time followers would see any message to or just around Derick and Jill.

Jill’s birthday has arrived and gone many times since. The birthdays
of her two young ones have actually passed away with no occasion through the Duggar family members,
too. Clearly, something is very amiss. The shortage of acknowledgment for Jill
is particularly unpleasant in the event that you understand so just how difficult the matriarch and patriarch
strive to acknowledge several of their particular various other children, also people who possess disgraced the
family members.

Meanwhile, Michelle typed long prose about her eldest child for
their birthday celebration

While Jill seems to be persona non grata to Michelle
and Jim Bob Duggar
they truly are completely ok with openly acknowledging
their particular eldest boy, Joshua Duggar. In March 2019, Michelle took towards the family members’s
weblog to provide a huge delighted birthday celebration message towards the family members’s oldest son or daughter. In
the post, she waxes on in regards to the question that is Josh, at minimum in her own eyes. The
other countries in the globe is definately not happy with Josh’s habits.

Nevertheless, Michelle invested sentences speaking about the
31-year-old’s presumably great characteristics. She typed, “You tend to be a thoughtful and delicate guy, a
caring bro to your brothers and sisters, and we also are endowed that you will be our child!” Followers
of this family members had been definitely horrified.

After all, Josh could be the Duggar offspring
which admitted to molesting many of their siblings. He cleaned down one scandal
with an extra. In his
second scandal
, it had been uncovered that Josh had cheated on their spouse during
their particular relationship. He resigned from their job in the nation’s money around that
time and headed home to Arkansas. It is reported that Josh, Anna, and their particular six young ones
are now actually located in a visitor household from the Duggar household element. He are often at
the biggest market of a study by the
Department of Homeland Security.

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