‘Counting On’: Why Jana Duggar Has the Best Life Out of All the Siblings

by Jeremy Spirogis
Jana Duggar and sisters

Jana Duggar could be the oldest Duggar girl, as well as 30, it’s strange for a Duggar to still be unmarried and living home. However, it has been shown to be the outcome for Jana, who has got however to get into a courtship and get married the means nearly all of her of-age siblings have actually. Though some individuals have a pity party for Jana’s scenario because she’s almost no self-reliance, she additionally perhaps life the very best life of every of her 18 other siblings.

Jana Duggar and sisters
Jana Duggar (far right) along with her siblings Jessa, Jinger, and Jill | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

The Duggars have a tendency to marry youthful and also young ones immediately

In the Duggar household, youthful relationship is promoted. Some associated with Duggars have actually hitched partners who are only 18, together with partners frequently begin having kiddies right away — many get pregnant on the vacation. As quickly as the young ones change 18, they are able to begin courting whenever you want. But Jana has actuallyn’t used similar road as much of her siblings. The oldest Duggar girl has actually, alternatively, stayed single for many of her adolescents and 20s. Now that she’s 30, however, some followers believe it’s this season or never ever with regards to finding a husband.

Jana recently celebrated her 30th birthday celebration — and it is however solitary and residing at home

Jana celebrated her birthday celebration alongside her twin-brother,
John David, on January 12. Like their sibling, John remained single for many of
their 20s, but he tied the knot with Abbie Burnett straight back in November 2018. Since
then, the 2 have actually welcomed their particular very first son or daughter, and Michelle and Jim Bob have a
total of 15 grandchildren.

Jana has actually remained under her parents’ roofing all 30 years, and she also admitted that she nonetheless shares a-room along with her more youthful siblings (she likes it like that, though).

Jana doesn’t have freedom from her moms and dads, but she’s perhaps not tied straight down with young ones

Though Jana has actually almost no true freedom (she recently took
a-trip to Las Vegas and, needlessly to say, her dad followed her), but she
really could have a much better lifestyle scenario than nearly all of her siblings.
According to at least one Reddit
individual, Jana might stay the way in which she does because she’s really wanting to prevent
becoming bogged straight down with young ones.

“I think she’s now in a place where she is very happy — she has a lot of power in the family, has a relatively high degree of autonomy… No longer has to be involved with taking care of babies 24/7, and doesn’t have to worry about an abusive husband, having no money, or being perpetually pregnant,” somebody suggested. Though this indicates strange, residing under her parents’ roofing may be the very best tradeoff for having an essentially worry-free life.

It appears most likely that Jana might never ever wed

Now that Jana has hit her third decade of life, it’s getting increasingly obvious that she might never ever wed. And whether she does or otherwise not, it’s most likely on her behalf very own terms. It’s feasible that Jana is extremely confident with her life and doesn’t have interest in conference “the one.” Or, she might not are finding the best individual. Maybe she never ever will, but in either case, she appears to have a fairly great scenario happening home.

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