Dan Bilzerian’s Staggering Net Worth Has Shady Origins

by Jeremy Spirogis
Dan Bilzerian smiling with his hand near his mouth

Dan Bilzerian is the high-stakes playing, gun-toting, hard-partying “King of Instagram.” He has a staggering web value, legions of barely-clad girls who observe him round, and a number of flamboyant autos, all of that are used to impress his tens of millions of on-line followers.  Seriously, in the event you’ve by no means checked out his Instagram, you’re both going to be disgusted, or wish to be him. There’s actually no in-between. Bilzerian claims to make his fortune from poker video games, however not everybody believes this story. Some say there’s a much more sinister supply for his cash. 

Dan Bilzerian smiling with his hand near his mouth
Dan Bilzerian | Prodip Guha/Getty Images

What is Dan Bilzerian’s web value?

He didn’t get a lot consideration as a baby, however he positive if getting numerous it now. Bilzerian is the son of millionaire businessman and convicted felon, Paul Bilzerian. But his dad was extra involved with creating wealth, in any manner doable, than hanging out with him. “Basically I didn’t get a ton of attention as a kid,” Bilzerian stated in GQ, “I guess that’s why I’m such a flashy lunatic.”

When Bilzerian was 10 years outdated, his father was convicted of 9 counts of inventory and tax fraud, and went to jail. However, earlier than he went away, the older Bilzerian did every little thing in his energy to guard his fortune from seizure by the federal government. He was ordered to pay $62 million, however solely ended up delivering round $3.7 million, holding the remaining for himself and his household. 

Now, the youthful Bilzerian has a web value estimated at $150 million, in line with Money Inc. to $199 million, in line with Celebrity Net Worth. He admits that he did inherit some belief funds when he turned 30, however insists that the majority of his fortune was made betting on non-public, high-stakes poker video games. 

Dan Bilzerian is known on-line

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Known by a number of nicknames on-line, together with the king of Instagram, and essentially the most attention-grabbing man on Instagram, Bilzerian is actually standard along with his followers, all 31 million of them. He makes use of his large wealth to exhibit an extreme way of life that most likely makes many individuals jealous.

He’s at all times surrounded by a bunch of almost-naked, or truly bare girls, loads of weapons, and plenty of liquor. Bilzerian and his groupies are often in unique areas, and infrequently doing excessive actions.

Some of his most outrageous Instagram snaps embrace the time he posted a photograph of himself and a bunch of bare girls mendacity on high of one another, suggesting group intercourse, with the caption, “Date night,” or, the picture with a bunch of bikini-clad girls, sporting excessive heels, and carrying machine weapons, which he captioned, “I wanted to stay home and play video games, but my associates convinced me to take them shooting.”

You might say he’s dwelling the dream for many guys. But his way of life actually will get numerous hate too, particularly the best way he flaunts cash. 

Does Dan Bilzerian’s fortune have shady origins?

Bilzerian claims that the majority of his cash comes from enjoying poker, however it’s uncommon that the general public is ready to watch him play. According to Upswing Poker, Bilzerian has solely gained one reside recorded poker occasion. In 2009, he participated within the WSOP Main Event, and completed in 180th place. That doesn’t precisely converse effectively for his poker abilities. 

Now, Bilzerian claims to solely play non-public, money video games with non-professionals. Unfortunately, that arrange doesn’t permit anybody to trace his winnings or his earnings. So, we’re just about going by his phrase. 

A YouTube video made by former skilled poker participant, Doug Polk tackled the topic of Bilzerian’s earnings. In the video, which has been seen by over 1.5 million viewers, Polk analyzed Bilzerian’s poker abilities and decided that he doesn’t behave like a participant able to successful frequently. 

Another skilled poker participant, Jonathan Grotenstein agrees that Bilzerian’s major abilities aren’t within the sport. “I think Dan is more about using poker as part of an image that he’s trying to create, and I think there are a lot of people out there who will lend him a private jet, or let him test drive a ridiculous car,” Grotenstein instructed GQ. 

However, Bilzerian by no means claimed to be the perfect poker participant. Instead, he claims that he has entry to, and is nice at choosing, essentially the most profitable non-public money video games.

Considering the proof, most individuals consider that whereas Bilzerian could make some cash from poker, the vast majority of his earnings most likely comes from his father’s fortune. That is, the cash he was speculated to pay the federal government. However, similar to his father, we’ll most likely by no means know the complete story behind Bilzerian’s earnings. 

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