DCEU: ‘Suicide Squad’ Originally Featured a Direct Connection to ‘Justice League’

by Jeremy Spirogis
The cast of

Soon after Marvel’s The Avengers hit in 2012, each studio in Hollywood turned hungry for a shared universe. Chief amongst these was Warner Bros., whose DC Comics has lengthy been Marvel’s largest competitors. If Marvel may replicate its interconnected comics world on the large display, maybe DC may do the identical.

After all, heroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are among the most recognizable on the planet. Surely, Warner Bros. may unite DC’s “trinity” of icons — amongst different heroes — and obtain related success. Of course, it hasn’t precisely been that simple for Warner Bros. and DC Films.

The cast of 'Suicide Squad' and director David Ayer
The solid of ‘Suicide Squad’ and director David Ayer | David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Warner Bros.

The ‘Justice League’ saga continues

Coming only a 12 months after The Avengers, Warner Bros. launched Man of Steel, which introduces Henry Cavill’s Superman. However, it wasn’t till 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice the studio really pushed connective tissue on its secure of DC heroes. That movie led instantly into the team-focused Justice League, the DC analog to Marvel’s Avengers.

Filmmaker Zack Snyder initially had a grand imaginative and prescient for Batman v Superman to feed into an bold two-part Justice League occasion. But studio issues — and a private tragedy on Snyder’s half — led Warner Bros. to go one other route. Ultimately, the studio introduced in The Avengers‘ Joss Whedon to retool the script and lead intensive reshoots.

The ensuing theatrical lower of Justice League was a field workplace disappointment. Even worse, the movie’s poor reception led Warner Bros. to cut back its efforts to create an interconnected universe altogether. Instead, the Wonder Woman movies, Aquaman, Shazam! and Joker have all operated with little to no connection to the bigger DC universe.

‘Suicide Squad’ shares an identical destiny

But Justice League wasn’t the primary time studio meddling tampered with the burgeoning (and unofficially titled) DC Extended Universe. Perhaps burned by the divisive response to Batman v Superman, Warner Bros. now-notoriously commissioned separate edits of its follow-up, Suicide Squad.

As the story goes, the corporate introduced in to craft the buzzworthy trailers for the movie finally edited the model audiences noticed. Meanwhile, author/director David Ayer noticed his model of Suicide Squad tampered with. He later confirmed his lower was “very different,” although we haven’t precisely recognized to what diploma that’s true.

The prolonged lower of Suicide Squad does shed some gentle on the film which may have been. Yet, apart from deepening the characters and relationships, Ayer’s model didn’t characteristic something too drastic. Or so followers thought.

How they need to have been linked

Ayer himself recently revealed how Suicide Squad initially arrange Justice League. On his Twitter account, the filmmaker acknowledged the Enchantress’ (Cara Delevingne) early plan involving increase tubes and mom packing containers. These cosmic gadgets tie on to Apokolips, residence of DC supervillain Darkseid. The character would have been the Big Bad of Snyder’s proposed Justice League Part 2.

In Justice League, the titular group hunts the mom packing containers in an effort to maintain Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds) from assembling them and destroying the world. According to Ayer, all Apokolips references in Suicide Squad had been eliminated late within the movie’s growth. In an effort to switch that idea, the group added the present plot gadget of Enchantress’ mystical machine, which many followers criticized.

This revelation signifies Warner Bros.’ lack of religion within the DCEU as much as that time. Because Batman v Superman wasn’t an Avengers-level hit, the studio heads seemingly hedged their bets with Suicide Squad. In the method although, these choices finally undercut the meant affect of Ayer’s movie, contributing to the DCEU’s battle. We’ll be eager about how James Gunn’s 2021 follow-up, The Suicide Squad, connects (or doesn’t) with the opposite movies.

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