Deepika, people troll fiercely in debate as a result of providing challenge video of Acid Attack Survivor at Teak Tok

by Jeremy Spirogis
Deepika, users troll fiercely in controversy due to giving challenge video of Acid Attack Survivor at Teak Tok

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone is within conversation these days as a result of her movie Chhapak. His movie Chhapaak premiered on 10 January. In the last, there have been numerous controversies regarding Deepika, as a result of which most of the result had been on the movie. Even 10 times after launch, the movie Chhapak will not be in a position to get in on the club of 100 Korad. <! –

                 At the same time frame, individuals have yet again come under target. This time the problem is certainly not of every college but of TikTok.

In fact, Deepika Padukone challenged a TikTok star Fabi to copy the appearance of Malati, the smoothness of their movie Chhapaak, after which it individuals are criticizing him on social networking. Deepika made videos with Faby for which she claims that we challenge Fabi to replicate her 3 preferred movie appears. Those three looks are – Om Shanti Om Ki Shanti, Piku Ki Piku and Chhapak Malati. Pabi completes but on Twitter, the people didn’t such as this thing of Deepika plus some people tend to be hearing Deepika Padukone perfectly.

People say that this promotion stunt is extremely unsightly and Deepika must not have inked it. One individual blogged, 'While we believed that Deepika Padukone could maybe not do just about anything bad by simply making enjoyable of Lakshmi in JNU, she created the TikTok Challenge on Acid Attack Victims. This is unsightly. The other user blogged, 'So today the acid assault face has additionally become challenging. This may be the worst type of marketing carried out by Deepika Padukone. U should really be embarrassed of your self.

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