Delhi Police constable instructed, when riot Shah Rukh gave a pistol and the constable had just one stick in his hand

by Jeremy Spirogis
Delhi Police constable told, when riot Shah Rukh gave a pistol and the constable had only one stick in his hand

new Delhi: North Delhi (North East Delhi) district, Delhi Police (Delhi violence) savior of Delhi violence Havildar Deepak Dahiya appeared in entrance of the media on Friday. During the violence, the criminal Shah Rukh gave a loaded revolver on the lamp itself on Monday. Later, Bekhof Shahrukh escaped from the scene by firing bullets into the air, which the police haven’t but discovered. <! –


On Friday, Deepak Dahiya mentioned, "Actually on Monday my emergency duty was imposed in North East Delhi district. By the way, I am taking Havildar's training at Delhi Police Training Center in Bazirabad. In Delhi Police, I was posted as a constable in 2012. Was admitted. "

According to Deepak Dahiya, initially from Sonepat (Haryana), "My father used to work in the Coast Guard. Many other people in the family are also doing uniform jobs. One of the two younger brothers is a Delhi Police only soldier. , While the other brother is serving in the Coast Guard itself. "

Havildar Deepak Dahiya mentioned, "I am married. The wife is a domestic woman. After getting a constable in Delhi Police, I got posted in different places. When the departmental vacancy in Delhi Police came out, I also filled the form. Examination I have also passed. These days, training in the post of Havildar is going on in Delhi Police Training Center in Bazirabad. The day in North East District When the violence broke out on Mawar, the soldiers were called from our center on the spot. I was also doing duty on the occasion that day along with some of my colleagues. At the same time, a boy wearing a red maroon T-shirt in front of me was surprised and fired indiscriminately. came. "

The courageous policeman of the Delhi Police additional mentioned, "That young man looked educated in his sight. He looked better than the dress. When he was seen in a hand revolver, he openly fired at the police and the public. I got the idea of ​​his truth, I understood that it can be dealt with in a very rude way. Otherwise he will throw bullets in my chest in a moment. "

He mentioned, "I had a stick in my hand. The loaded revolver in his hand. Yet I did not let him feel with my body language that I was afraid of him. Rather I tried to make him feel that I was in my hands. I will thwart his attack with a stick present in me. When he felt that I was not going to retreat, he himself escaped from the spot by firing bullets. At that time I saw the opportunity I did not get rid of them. How to win in these conditions, this training was given to me in police. That same police training saved me alive that day by using a stick in front of the revolver. "

On asking who was that younger man? Brave and wise Havildar Deepak mentioned, "I did not know at that time. Later Dasha was told to the senior officer. Then his CCTV and mobile footage was called. Those who knew him after seeing the CCTV footage told him that he was in the same area Ka Gunda type is Shahrukh. Who often used to do such acts with people around before. "

Deepak was requested when you weren’t afraid of a younger man standing in entrance of a loaded revolver? So in response, he mentioned, "If I had made him feel his fear, then perhaps the story would have been something else today. I would not have been left to talk to you. I had tried to make him feel encouraged, If he shot, in response, I would not miss running sticks on him. That is the only way to save. And then there is a bigger saver than the one who kills. "

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