Strong reponse by Generals after Spcecial Court Decision against Mush

by Jeremy Spirogis

Rawalpindi (Sahiwal Tv – December 17, 2019 – DGISPR Twitter) Strong response has been issued by Armed Forces of Pakistan after special court decision against General Pervez Musharraf on article 6 case.

Press release says that the decision against General Musharraf has been received with lot of pain and anguish by Pakistan Army. People are reacting on DGISPR Press briefing. Senior Journalist Syed Talat Hussain questions after sharing the press release:

MPA PML N Hina Butt tweeted.

Colunist of The News Umer Cheema write.

Senior Journalist and Columnist The News Ansar Abbasi has tweeted about the article 6.

musharraf case

Article 6 screenshot is also being shared on social media with Musharraf and DGISPR hashtags.

Senior Journalist and author Naseem Zehra also take part in the conversation. She tweets:

“ISPR statement was best not issued. None is above law, whether PM,minister or army chief.GenMusharraf’s trial for violating article 6 of the Pakistan Constitution is a legally valid trial and all legal problems/objections with trial must be raised in SC, the court of Appeal.”

Babar Sattar, another journalist in Islamabad tweets:

“Why don’t we simply write in our Constitution that every 10 yrs it’s ok for a dictator to conquer his own country in supreme national interest? In a state where law/constitution rule, anyone who rebels against it is a traitor. Either law can rule or force. Let’s make up our minds”

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