DNA ANALYSIS: Corona reaches Parliament by means of a mistake by Kanika Kapoor, what number of will get punished?

by Jeremy Spirogis
DNA ANALYSIS: Corona reaches Parliament through a mistake by Kanika Kapoor, how many will get punished?

Danger, warning and hope. Between these three issues, we and you’re combating an enormous battle with the corona virus, however this battle might be received solely if you grow to be a chain-breaker. Kanika Kapoor didn’t do the identical. Due to Kanika Kapoor, everybody's concern has elevated from Lucknow, Kanpur, Noida to Parliament in Delhi.

This shouldn’t be the time for picnics and partying. This is the time for restraint and dedication. The danger of corona virus is resetting your life. Those who don't consider it, who’re hitting it. They are placing not solely themselves, their household, individuals round them and your entire society in peril. If you could have a picnic and occasion through the Holocaust of Corona virus, then it is going to be the identical as that which has occurred within the case of Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor. <! –

                 Due to which the specter of corona virus has reached the Parliament.

At current, the situation of the world is like this. Our Earth, your entire world, has been tagged in a manner. That means the entire world is closed. The similar state of affairs is being created in us. Today's greatest information is that no practice will run within the nation from 12 o'clock tomorrow evening until 12 o'clock. Today, orders got to shut four cities together with Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur in Maharashtra. Only important providers like banks, medical shops and ration shops will run. All purchasing malls in Delhi have additionally been closed. All this as a result of the corona virus has an enormous problem to interrupt that chain. Because of which this an infection is harmful. That is why discuss of social distancing is being accomplished everywhere in the world. Because if it doesn’t occur then the chain of corona virus might be chained to our lives.

Today there are three huge issues within the corona virus disaster in India:
The very first thing is the hazard – which will increase with the negligence of individuals like Kanika Kapoor.
The second factor is warning – wherein steps like Janata curfew and shutdown are needed.
Expected a 3rd factor – as a result of no new case of corona virus has been reported in China for the final two days.

Do not grow to be a series breaker of corona virus an infection
Danger, warning and hope. Between these three issues, we and you’re combating an enormous battle with the corona virus, however this battle might be received solely if you grow to be a chain-breaker. Kanika Kapoor didn’t do the identical. Due to Kanika Kapoor, everybody's concern has elevated from Lucknow, Kanpur, Noida to Parliament in Delhi. Kanika Kapoor, who returned from London 11 days in the past, was discovered contaminated with the corona virus. The similar factor has come out that he didn’t take precautions, didn’t maintain himself aside. Had three to four events in Lucknow. She additionally went to Kanpur And got here in touch with about 300 to 400 individuals. The occasion wherein Kanika Kapoor was in Lucknow was a celebration of leaders. Former Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, her son and MP Dushyant Singh and Uttar Pradesh Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh have been additionally there. Wives, sons, daughters of many different leaders have been additionally concerned on this.

Now Vasundhara Raje and Dushyant Singh have gone into self isolation. But the large problem of the corona virus is that one chain of an infection is fashioned one after one other. Member of Parliament Dushyant Singh was additionally participating within the proceedings of the Parliament and in addition got here along with the President. Dushyant Singh is seen standing simply behind the President in a gaggle picture. So everybody's worries have elevated. Among the leaders assembly Dushyant Singh, Deepender Hooda, Anupriya Patel, Derek O'Brien have additionally positioned themselves in isolation.

Corona suffers like a time bomb
You should know from the case of Kanika Kapoor how a corona sufferer is sort of a time bomb. UP Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh, who was concerned within the occasion the place Kanika was, has additionally gone into isolation. Jai Pratap Singh additionally got here to Noida yesterday. All three MLAs, District Magistrates, Chief Medical Officers of Gautam Budh Nagar have been additionally included of their applications. That is, now all these are prone to an infection.

On 9 March, Kanika Kapoor got here to Mumbai from London. One day she stayed in Mumbai. She reached Lucknow on 11 March. His dad and mom dwell in Lucknow. On 13, 14 and 15 March, Kanika partyed in Lucknow for 3 consecutive days. The occasion of 15 March was on the home of former MP Akbar Ahmed Dumpy. Former Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, his son Dushyant Singh and lots of different leaders have been additionally on this occasion. Dushyant Singh is an MP from Jhalawar, Rajasthan. On March 18, i.e., three days later, Kanika Kapoor confirmed the preliminary signs of corona virus. His pattern was taken on March 19, after which it was revealed today that he’s Corona constructive.

Now they’ve been saved in isolation in Lucknow. But if that they had taken care earlier than and proven accountability, this is able to not have occurred. Other individuals don’t face hazard. Now movies of these events are coming. Pictures are coming. The events which he did within the final 11 days after coming back from London. Seeing this, all of additionally, you will get indignant. Knowing how individuals carelessness. The complete world is knowing the hazard of corona virus. Corona is combating the specter of the virus. Still, educated individuals of our society ignore it.

The UP Health Minister, who himself was in isolation as a Corona suspect, held a press convention in Greater Noida on 19 March. Journalists concerned on this press convention may additionally be suspected of an infection. You ought to perceive from this how troublesome the work of us journalists is throughout this disaster.

Kanika Kapoor escaped from the airport screening
The similar accusation is on Kanika Kapoor that she escaped from the airport screening. However, he denied the allegation. But on behalf of the Uttar Pradesh administration, it has been stated {that a} case might be registered on Kanika if the knowledge is hidden. Kanika Kapoor's case is much like a case in South Korea. Corona virus was the 31st affected person in South Korea. Which contaminated four thousand 800 individuals. This contaminated particular person was not recognized in time. It used to roam among the many frequent individuals. The state of affairs in South Korea was seen to be underneath management as a result of well timed identification of the sooner 30 sufferers. But as quickly because the case of the 31st affected person got here up, the circumstances all of a sudden elevated in South Korea.

The first case of corona virus was revealed in India on January 30
How Corona might be prevented from social distancing. You can perceive this from this viral video. We need to keep away from Corona profession like Kanika Kapoor. We don’t wish to grow to be Kanika Kapoor. Therefore, numerous emphasis is being laid on the matter of social distancing. You will maintain your self aside. Keep away from the gang. So we’ll save ourselves and others can even be saved. The variety of corona virus sufferers in India has elevated to 223. In the final 24 hours, 50 new circumstances have been reported. The first case of corona virus in India was reported on 30 January and the primary case of this virus got here in Italy a day after that, on 31 January.

After about four weeks, Italy stood the place India stands today. By the top of February, solely 229 circumstances have been reported in Italy however within the final three weeks greater than 41 thousand individuals have been contaminated with this virus in Italy and greater than three thousand individuals have died. Till March 12, solely 1500 circumstances of corona virus have been reported within the US and within the final eight days, this determine has gone above 10,000.

We aren’t displaying these figures to scare you, however solely to indicate that it’s important to be extra alert and alert about this virus. In all these international locations, the outbreak of the virus began with one particular person and on seeing the state of affairs obtained uncontrolled. That is, the imprudence of 1 particular person can put the entire nation in bother. Kanika Kapoor has additionally adopted the same title. Now you assume that if these lots of of individuals had not joined the occasion with Kanika Kapoor, these individuals would have proven restraint and dedication, then maybe it will not have stirred a lot and so many cities of 1 state wouldn’t have come near the bandh.

Hundreds of individuals attended the occasion with Kanika Kapoor, hundreds of individuals would dwell within the households of these lots of, and these hundreds would even be a part of some society, constructing, or colony. Thousands of individuals should have gone to lots of of retailers, these individuals would have joined fingers with many individuals, exchanged items or had dinner collectively. Today, because of this, the entire of Lucknow has come underneath disaster.

A big American scientist, Doctor Anthony Fauci (Anthony Fauchi) believes {that a} corona virus affected person infects no less than two individuals. This price of an infection from one particular person to a different is known as RO i.e. R Naught. According to Doctor Fauchi, two individuals contaminated with the corona virus can infect about 5 individuals round them. These 5 persons are able to infecting about 12 individuals and on this manner this determine retains growing.

The lifetime of hundreds of individuals is at stake resulting from small carelessness
There is a worry of the identical taking place within the case of Kanika Kapoor. How your little carelessness can spoil the lives of lots of of hundreds of individuals… To perceive this, you need to watch a video today. This video will change your fascinated by corona virus ceaselessly. You should have understood that the simplest strategy to keep away from the virus is to no less than meet individuals. Apart from this, contact tracing of those that have an an infection, that’s, to seek out out all of the individuals who are available contact and to isolate such individuals from others, ie Quarantine can also be an efficient resolution. But in a rustic like India, quarantining hundreds of individuals could be a difficult activity, so warning is the most important protection.

DNA video:

Uproar in Parliament and Rashtrapati Bhavan
Now you’ll perceive how contaminated persons are roaming across the metropolis like Kanika Kapoor, these persons are additionally hiding their data from the administration and have gotten a menace to the lives of others. That is, these persons are strolling time bombs which may kill lots of of individuals at any time. Now you assume if lots of of people that got here in touch with Kanika Kapoor didn’t go to events, the politicians would have proven some understanding, as a substitute of being a part of these events themselves, if that they had stopped others, then maybe from Lucknow to the Parliament of the nation and There isn’t any such stir until Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Modi additionally appealed to the individuals of the nation to observe social distancing. That is, don’t are available contact with outsiders and play your position in defeating this virus on the energy of restraint and energy. If you continue to haven’t realized the risks arising resulting from negligence, then you need to hear this attraction of PM Modi as soon as once more.

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