DNA ANALYSIS: extreme damage to court docket journalists, they acquired indignant after they confirmed the reality of Jihad

by Jeremy Spirogis
India's cleanest city for 4th consecutive time

Those who’re irritated by the title of Jihad don’t have any drawback with the phrase Hindu terrorism …

new Delhi: For the final 24 hours, some so-called journalists of India have been shocked by a information of Zee News. This stink is as a result of we had advised the nation on Wednesday about an conspiracy within the DNA that had been happening for years. There was an incredible response in your complete nation on our information of the land jihad in Jammu. But this dialogue irritated the journalists… who had been courtiers in earlier governments and have been getting themselves big prizes. They have been operating their jobs and their jobs in dependence of courts. <! –

                 Such court docket reporters have been hiding the reality themselves.

You saved exhibiting lies to individuals, however now on exhibiting the reality, they need to shut our mouths. These piece-by-gang journalists at the moment are educating us the lesson of journalism! Therefore, additionally it is essential to speak about them in DNA today. On Wednesday (March 11), we confirmed you that in probably the most delicate state of the nation, if a lame regulation is made a weapon of jihad, ought to the nation not be anxious about it?

This was a information by which we talked in regards to the conspiracy of a handful of people that have turn out to be brokers of the outdated conspiracy of Pakistan towards India whereas speaking about jihad however the fact of the rip-off of the Roshni Act in Jammu and Kashmir together with the reality of the land jihad To inform the court docket journalists didn’t prefer it in any respect, such individuals … By viraling a diagram on Jihad proven in our program … suppress the information of Jammu once more Attempted to try to began the agenda of faith towards us, however we had made it clear on Wednesday … that once we speak of Jihad … then solely a handful of individuals speak. Let's speak about these enemies of the nation … who’re considering of tearing the nation into items.

DNA ANALYSIS: Analysis of 'Date to Date' Virus within the Judicial System

Those who’ve been irritated by the title of Jihad don’t have any drawback with the phrase Hindu terrorism, but when somebody tells the reality of the jihadist conspiracy towards the nation. If they take the title of Jihad, then they get down towards us on social media with their gang Go. Actually, their objective is to suppress the true information that is occurring. Because we introduced that information. Which no person talks about. The information which doesn’t swimsuit the agenda of the media. Those courtiers don’t swimsuit journalists. In which we dare to indicate such information. They are all the time engaged in hiding the reality of such information. Whereas after watching our information, individuals residing in Jammu and Kashmir for years believed that by unlawful occupation, efforts are being made to vary the inhabitants in Jammu for years.

Former Jammu and Kashmir Deputy CM Nirmal Singh mentioned that attempting to vary the inhabitants is a logical problem. He has seen encroachment within the jungles of Jammu since 1970 when he was a scholar. Think the individuals of Jammu and Kashmir are saying that this has been taking place since 1970 … We have talked in regards to the conspiracy created by profiting from the regulation just like the Roshni Act in 2001 … on this There was a dialogue …. # ZameenJihad was the primary pattern on Twitter … It was trending on Twitter for greater than 7 hours with greater than 30 thousand tweets, now we have acquired encouraging reactions to this information. Show.

Due to the punch of DNA, the court docket reporters are deeply harm, in order that they have began operating an agenda towards us however they need to know that we present the reality, don’t disguise the reality, we don’t sit in Delhi and produce information from remote areas and They additionally chase the information.

Court requested paperwork associated to the division
Illegal occupation of presidency land in Jammu and underneath the guise of the Roshni Act. Today's replace additionally tells you within the information of plot of land jihad. The bench of Jammu and Kashmir High Court Chief Justice Geeta Mittal today gave strict directions to the Jammu and Kashmir administration within the Roshni Act rip-off, until March 18, the court docket has requested all of the paperwork associated to the rip-off from the involved departments. The court docket mentioned that if the paperwork aren’t given, then this case will be handed over to the CBI.

NGT didn’t take any motion
Let us additionally let you know this large factor that when the forest and river have been being illegally occupied in Jammu, no motion was taken by the NGT. You will keep in mind that within the yr 2016, when non secular guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar did a program on the banks of Yamuna in Delhi. There was numerous controversy as nicely. The NGT sought compensation of Rs 5 crore from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Art of Living, on the cost of damaging the atmosphere.

The place the place Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's program befell. Today, in entrance of that place, homes are being overtly occupied by unlawful possession on the banks of the Yamuna. Let us let you know an outdated factor right here … When the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was YK Sabarwal. Then he referred to as all of the businesses. Consent was made to assemble a memorial on the banks of Yamuna. If this had not occurred, the land that you just see on the Akshardham temple on the banks of the Yamuna today would even have turn out to be a sufferer of unlawful occupation.

#ZameenJihad: DNA evaluation of Jammu, land and jihad

It was a matter of Jihad yesterday, so today you also needs to learn about its historical past. There are two main texts of those that imagine in Islam – Quran and Hadith. There are teachings of Mohammad within the Quran. However, there isn’t any dialogue on how one can run the federal government. The hadith was written 200 years after the demise of Mohammad. Hadith is an Arabic phrase meaning-report. There are 6 collections of hadith. Jihad within the Quran means penance … however within the hadith, jihad means faith. The point out of Ghazwa-e-Hind additionally comes within the Hadith for the primary time. And Ghazwa-e-Hind can also be a sort of jihad.

What is Gajwa-e-Hind
Ghazwa-e-Hind means … a struggle that must be fought based on Mohammad's directions. According to this perception … it’s the obligation of each Muslim to … be sure that idol worship must be stopped all around the world. Because solely after the cease of idol worship, the rule of Islam will be established on the planet. Think of it this manner that… most Hindus dwell in India… that’s the reason most idol worship is completed in India. That is why till the conversion of Hindus of India is not going to occur, the dream of Ghazwa-e-Hind is not going to be fulfilled.

According to this mentality, Ghazwa-e-Hind is feasible solely when there are lots of items of India or if India turns into a very Islamic nation. Two nation idea in India and the ideology of the Islamic nation are the result of this mentality. Ghazwa-e-Hind is Pakistan's dream and the hardcore clerics, militants and armed forces there have usually threatened Gazwa-e-Hind towards India. Till the yr 710, there was no signal of Islam in India. In the yr 711, Mohammed bin Qasim tried to create the primary Islamic nation by invading Sindh. This effort continued for the subsequent 12 hundred years, even today, many individuals give the title of Jihad.

Today, the variety of those that comply with this ideology of Jihad began rising quickly in India and today many intellectuals and designer journalists of India. With this jihadist ideology, they’re advancing their agenda. Today, those that are operating the agenda towards us on the title of Jihad … are enraged on the title of Jihad. Those individuals actually need to disguise the reality of Jihad. Through some radical individuals, India's enemies have made Jihad a weapon. Jihad is a fact.

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