DNA ANALYSIS: Understand, the distinction between Islam and Jihad

by Jeremy Spirogis
DNA ANALYSIS: Understand, the difference between Islam and Jihad

We will clarify to you the true which means of Jihad and Islam by which the Muslims of our nation are all the time saved away. No faith on the earth promotes violence. Therefore, earlier than arriving at any conclusion about any faith, we should learn about its ideas. Islam has given particular duties to each Muslim. They are additionally known as the 5 pillars of Islam.

Shahada is the primary pillar of Islam. Which actually means to announce or bear witness. It is the responsibility of each Muslim to declare that there isn’t any different God however Allah. That is, they need to belief in Allah solely and solely.

The second pillar is Salat. <! –

                 This can also be known as Namaz in Persian. Islam says that it’s obligatory for each Muslim to recite Namaz 5 instances a day.

The third pillar of Islam is Zakat. You can even name it a donation made every year. It is essential for each Muslim to donate part of his revenue to the needy.

Saum is the fourth pillar of Islam. It can also be mentioned to maintain it quick. It has been mentioned in Islam that it’s obligatory for each Muslim to maintain quick throughout the month of Ramadan. You folks can even know that at the moment the month of Ramadan can also be occurring.

Similarly, Hajj is taken into account the fifth pillar of Islam. It is the responsibility of each Muslim that if he can afford to go to Mecca, then he should go on Haj as soon as in his life.

This is in regards to the 5 pillars of Islam. Jihad is taken into account the sixth pillar of Islam. Jihad actually means holy conflict. But the definition of Jihad is misrepresented.

It can also be misused all over the world by calling this holy conflict a non secular conflict. Terrorists unfold violence and terror and name themselves Jihadis. The fundamentalists justify their work by calling bigotry a jihad.

Now we’re going to inform you which works don’t fall underneath the class of Jihad.

If somebody is compelled to simply accept Islam, it can’t be known as Jihad.

If a rustic or area is attacked for its proper, it won’t be known as a jihad both.

Similarly, if an space is attacked for financial profit, then it’s not a Jihad.

Violence achieved solely within the identify of demonstrating its energy can’t be known as Jihad.

If harmless folks, youngsters, girls are murdered or raped you then can’t name it jihad in any respect.

If somebody's property is attacked and attacked, then it’s going to additionally not be known as Jihad.

Similarly, if organic warfare is resorted to to defeat somebody, then it shouldn’t be known as Jihad too.

Not solely Jihad, there are various strict guidelines for easy conflict in Islam and it’s a crime to not comply with these guidelines.

The first rule is that you simply can’t provoke conflict. This conflict will be began on the directions of a king or a sultan, however solely on the directions of a non secular chief.

These guidelines say that the enemy also needs to be revered in conflict. And justice must be achieved to the enemy troopers. The wounded troopers of the enemy military must be handled as their troopers solely.

The conflict must be ended as quickly as attainable. If the enemy takes peace, then a ceasefire must be declared instantly.

During the conflict, poisoning in wells or water sources is totally prohibited. In fashionable conflict language, attacking with chemical or organic weapons is a criminal offense.

The definition of Jihad has been misrepresented for hundreds of years. And the result of that is that speaking about Jihad in our nation can change into a assure of going to jail. Showing the reality can make you dizzy in courtroom. But those that insult Hindu deities are thought of intellectuals. They are known as humanity plaintiffs.

But what’s actual humanity, we need to clarify to you today via an image from Canada. This image is an image of a Canadian Sikh physician Sanjit Singh Saluja.

Sanjit Singh is treating sufferers of Corona virus in Montreal, Canada. But he was not capable of put on the N-95 Mask due to having a beard. This masks is obligatory for medical doctors treating Corona sufferers.

Now Sanjit Singh had to decide on between serving sufferers and one of many symbols of his faith. Beard is taken into account essential in Sikhism. But Sanjit Singh selected to serve the sufferers and after speaking to his household, determined to shave his beard.

Sanjit Singh says that Sikhism provides precedence to the wants of the needy and is prepared to pay any value for this service.

We all need to salute Sanjeet Singh. Because Sanjeet Singh may have introduced faith amongst humanity, however he didn’t do it in any respect, however as a substitute of taking this tough resolution, he elevated the worth of his faith. Because faith which can’t train you humanity can’t train you something.

In distinction, in our personal nation, there are some individuals who declare to be secular and mental, who make enjoyable of Hinduism and evaluate it to medication.

But no gang is energetic towards such folks. Voices of protest don’t come up and their arrest can also be stopped. But even if you happen to point out jihad, you then change into essentially the most needed within the nation and a few state governments and organizations put their full energy to ship you to jail.

Overall, essentially the most insulting and misusing faith is used solely by folks from the secularism gang. But nonetheless nobody raises a voice towards them.

Satyamev Jayate is the nationwide motto of our nation. This is principally a mantra taken from Mundak-Upanishad. Satyamev Jayate implies that victory is all the time true. Therefore, all the time comply with the trail of reality.

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