Do not neglect at house and preserve the Shivling greater than the primary a part of the thumb

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Life Mantra Desk. The custom of constructing a temple at house to finish negativity has been in place since outdated occasions. Lamps ought to be lit within the temple each morning and night. Priests and Astrologers of Indreshwar Mahadev Temple, Ujjain Pt. According to Sunil Nagar, some issues ought to be stored in thoughts whereas putting idols of God within the temple. <! –


How huge a Shivling can you retain at house

It ought to be prevented to maintain a big Shivling at house. Shivalinga may be very delicate. Akshaya advantage can be attained by worshiping a small Shivling. By having a big Shivling, his extreme vitality can have a foul impact on the home. That is why the Shivling, bigger than the primary a part of our thumb, shouldn’t be stored in the home. Keep in thoughts that if Shivling is stored in the home, then provide water each day with copper lotus.

The variety of idols of Ganesha ought to be even

If you need to preserve multiple idol of Ganesha within the temple of house, then take into account that the variety of idols of Ganesha within the temple shouldn’t be odd i.e. 1, 3, 5. The variety of idols of Ganesha ought to be equal i.e. 2, 4, 6.

Keep just one conch within the temple

Shankha is used completely within the worship of Lord Vishnu and his avatars, however Shankha shouldn’t be stored within the worship of Shiva. Keep just one conch within the temple of the home. It just isn’t thought-about auspicious to maintain multiple conch temple. Also, take into account that don’t provide water to the Shivling with a conch.

Do not preserve damaged and damaged idols within the temple

The fragmented and damaged idols ought to by no means be stored within the temple. Worshiping a fragmented idol doesn’t create focus and doesn’t yield the complete fruits of worship. Keep in thoughts that Shivling is taken into account formless, therefore the fragmented Shivling can be revered. Fragmented idols of different deities should not thought-about auspicious for worship. The lamp ought to be stored burning throughout the puja. If the lamp is extinguished, it ought to be lit instantly.

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