Do not overlook to supply this factor on Shivling even on Mahashivaratri, or else Mahadev's wrath will break

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Different issues are utilized in each worship of Hinduism. Each of these issues has a unique significance of its personal. In this fashion, we’re going to inform you that within the worship of Shiva and Ganapati today, we should always supply them about such a factor which shouldn’t be forgotten. Let us inform you what’s the factor that Lord Shiva and Ganapati don’t like.

Tulsi isn’t supplied in any worship of Lord Shiva and Ganapati. It is alleged that Mata Tulsi doesn’t like Lord Shiva and Ganesha. After all, what’s the purpose behind this?

Tulsi's identify was Vrinda in her earlier beginning and she or he was the spouse of a demon named Jalandhar. That monster used to torture Vrinda loads. <! –

                 Lord Shiva requested Vishnu to show the demon a lesson. Then Vishnu ji violated Vrinda's husband's faith with deceit.

When Vrinda got here to find out about it that Lord Vishnu had dissolved her husband's faith, he cursed Vishnu that you’ll turn into stone. Then Vishnu ji curses Vrinda that I used to be defending you from Jalandhar, now you’ll turn into wood with my curse. After this curse, Vrinda turns into a basil plant in Kalantar.

Belaspas are supplied instead of Tulsi within the worship of Mahadev as a result of Tulsi is cursed. Secondly, Tulsi letter can be supplied within the worship of Shiva, as a result of she is the patrani of Lord Shiva Srihari and Tulsi ji had obtained Lord Shrihari as a husband via his penance.

At the identical time, this saying can be that when Ganesh ji was doing penance on the banks of the Ganges, then Mata Tulsi was doing a pilgrimage to satisfy her want. Visiting all of the pilgrimage facilities, she reached the banks of the identical Ganges someday the place Lord Ganesha was doing penance.

Seeing Lord Ganesha meditating, she grew to become fascinated by him and he made up his thoughts to marry Lord Ganesha. He proposed to marry Ganesha, dissolving his penance. Angry on the break of austerity, Ganesh ji refused the supply of vivag to him and mentioned that he’s Brahmachari and on this matter Tulsi Mata cursed him that he can have two marriages. On this, Ganesha curses Tulsi Mata that he’s married to a demon conch shell.

Hearing this curse of Tulsi Mata, Lord Ganesha apologized, then Lord Ganesha gave him a pardon, saying that she would give life and salvation to the world in Kali Yuga with the love of Lord Vishnu and Krishna ji in Satyuga, however providing Tulsi in my worship is now thought-about inauspicious. From the identical day, Tulsi isn’t supplied within the worship of Lord Ganesha.

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