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by Jeremy Spirogis
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After all, who wouldn’t want his skin to shine like a diamond. In particular, women have a lot of craze to make them look beautiful and their skin should be crystal clear like a diamond. By the way, there are many beauty treatments that can make your skin shiny like a diamond. However, he is also mehenge and his side effects are also very high. If you want instant shine, you can bring diamond-like shine to your face by doing diamond facials at home.

You will find many good brand diamond facials kits in the market. But the diamond facials will bring glow to your face only when you try and adopt the right steps. So, today we will tell you the right way to do diamond facials at home and its benefits.

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Diamond Facial Kit

Before doing any facial, it is very important to know what are the things in that kit. If you are doing diamond facials, then we tell you what things are present in it. You will find many good brand diamond facials kits in the market. But you can get good facial kit at low prices from here Can buy. This you Diamond Facial Kit You will get 209 rupees from here only. .

Diamond cleanser: This results in cleansing of the face.

Diamond Scrub: You have to scrub after the face clears.

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Diamond Massage Gel: This helps in massaging the face.

Diamond Massage Cream: This massage cream is used after massage gels.

Diamond Face Pack: Finally, you have to apply face pack.

True Steps to Facial Diamond

  • First of all you should apply sanitizer in your hands and clean your hands. Try to use alcohol free sanitizer only.
  • After that you have to do facial toning. You can use rose water for toning. You have to take rose water in cotton and apply it on the face with light hands.
  • After this, you apply a cleanser on the face in the Diamond Facial Kit. While applying it, massage the face with the light pressure of the hands.
  • You have to apply scrub on the face after using the cleanser. To apply the scrub, take a little rose water with the product in your hands. Start applying it to the neck and moving anti-lock wise fingers from the neck to the cheeks and then to the head. After doing this, you also have to massage the face with light hands.
  • After using the scrub, you have to use massage gels. Using this gel, you have to massage the neck and face for 15 minutes. If you take a steam after massaging, it will be even better. This will open your skin pores and remove all the dirt hidden in the depth of the skin. But keep in mind that only 5 minutes is detected. Being too late can also cause rashes on your face.
  • After massage gels, massage with facial massage cream. You can increase the pressure of hands while doing so. You have to massage the face and neck for 15 minutes. Keep in mind that this massage cream should not go in your eyes. Otherwise you may be jealous. If this is the case, keep cotton pad of rose water over the eyes.
  • After applying the masala, apply a diamond face pack on the face. Leave it on the face for 15 minutes after applying the face pack. As long as there is a face pack on the face, you do not have to make any facial motion. After all this, you have to clean the face with water.
  • After cleansing the face with water, you have to apply a cleanser on the face again. Along with this, the steps to get your diamond facials also come to an end.

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