Dracula lives in awe from the satan, even today the individuals of this metropolis, use garlic to flee

by Jeremy Spirogis
India's cleanest city for 4th consecutive time

You should have seen or examine blood consuming satan vampire ie dracula. But nobody has ever seen them in actuality. Because it’s imaginary, however individuals residing in Romania have a concern in thoughts about evil spirits. That is when individuals use garlic as a weapon to keep away from them.

Actually, in Romania, garlic is given nice significance. It is alleged that its tips might be saved from the shadows of evil spirits. In Eastern Europe too, there are numerous tales about ghosts. People there consider that if there may be any type of downside, then garlic ought to be stored at dwelling. <! –


Due to this, all of the troubles are eliminated. Due to this individuals attempt to grasp garlic of their homes there. Farmers apply garlic paste on their horns to guard their cow from evil eyes. Because they consider that evil spirits drink the milk of moms and cows feeding kids. Approximately 40 p.c of the inhabitants of the Botosani area of Romania cultivates garlic. Garlic produced within the Koplau area is known all around the world.

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