Drake Dating Kylie Jenner Is Really Awkward for Several Reasons

by Jeremy Spirogis
Kylie Jenner Christmas

Kylie Jenner is residing her most useful life. The young entrepreneur is certainly going into 2020 as a billionaire, a mother, as well as the celebrity of just one regarding the well-known truth television shows of them all.

Jenner is not letting the lawn grow under her legs after her present breakup from Travis Scott, the daddy of her youthful girl Stormi Webster. There have now been several reports about Jenner as well as the rapper Drake getting romantically included. Keep reading to know about the way the love hearsay began, just how long Kylie Jenner has actually understood Drake, and whether or perhaps not there is certainly any truth into the hearsay.

Kylie Jenner and Drake hung on at their party

The hookup rumors started in October 2019, 2-3 weeks after Jenner split up with Travis Scott. Jenner attended Drake’s star-studded birthday celebration, and party-goers noted that the 2 celebrities undoubtedly had biochemistry, going as far as to spell it out a “connection” among them.

Only a few times following the birthday celebration, they visited the exact same Halloween purpose and invested a while with one another.

Some sources have actually claimed that Drake has actually constantly “had a thing” for the much-younger Jenner and they tend to be witnessing a lot more of one another because Jenner resides therefore near to him. In inclusion, her brand-new solitary standing is apparently attracting the rapper, having had connections along with other high-profile a-listers like Rihanna.

Adding gasoline into the fire, Drake recently described their “perfect woman” as someone along with her very own aspirations and beliefs, an individual who knows their high-powered work principles. Certainly, this information suits Jenner to a T, as this woman is a self-made billionaire which developed among the world’s most widely used beauty products businesses. 

How very long have Kylie Jenner and Drake understood one another?

Jenner and Drake’s record is obviously reasonably long. They apparently came across in 2013, whenever Jenner had been 16 years of age. Drake had been perhaps the highlighted musician which performed at Jenner’s blowout party that year.

They have encountered one another off and on when you look at the many years since, although never ever apparently in an enchanting method. Drake was recognized to go to the Kardashian household’s yearly Christmas gathering and contains also already been spotted at most of the exact same events that Jenner along with her siblings have actually attended.

Still, it wasn’t until recently whenever things began to apparently warm up between your set.

It could be embarrassing for Drake up to now Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner Christmas
Kylie Jenner | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

In spite of their particular rumored romance, if Jenner and Drake are really dating, it can truly present lots of awkwardness to the household dynamic.

Drake and Jenner’s brother-in-law, Kanye West, have actually a long-running feud that boiled over in 2018 whenever Drake rapped about a lady many individuals (including West) thought was Kim Kardashian. In a current meeting, Drake verified the feud and also claimed which he doesn’t have fascination with also chatting with West at this time with time. It appears not likely that Jenner and Drake would ever before manage to have municipal family members get-togethers with such a negative feud when you look at the mix.

Travis Scott, Jenner’s ex, had been also quickly mixed up in feud between Drake and West, complicating things further. While Scott has actuallyn’t actually talked on about any bad bloodstream with Drake, he’s considered close with West.

Then, needless to say, you have the age distinction between Drake and Jenner. Kylie Jenner is 22 and Drake is 33 — an extremely considerable age space. Although Jenner is famous to possess a fondness for older guys: Her first genuine partnership had been with Tyga, a rapper who’s eight many years her senior.

Whether or perhaps not the internet dating hearsay or real, it’s going to be interesting to observe how those two carry on their particular relationship this present year.

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