Drew Carey’s Net Worth and How He Makes His Money

by Jeremy Spirogis
Drew Carey’s Net Worth and How He Makes His Money

A number of years ago, nobody believed Drew Carey’s main job would come to be taking over for Bob Barker on CBS’s The Price is Right. Now he generally seems to fit appropriate in there just as if he’d been regarding the program as long as Barker ended up being. However, let’s remember the amazing profession Carey had prior to getting a casino game program number.

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Anyone old enough to keep in mind their earliest standup comedy times will bear in mind when you look at the belated ’80s and very early ’90s their debut on programs like Star Search and The Tonight Show when Johnny Carson had been still hosting.

Since those days, he’s starred in the very own sitcom, hosted Whose Line will it be Anyway?, plus appearances in some comedic films — all causing a mint. How much is he well worth today, though?

Drew Carey’s profession will take off along with his very own sitcom

Drew Carey eventually moved in to the stratosphere along with his profession by landing his or her own sitcom in 1995. The Drew Carey Show on ABC dropped in to the uncommon club of operating nine many years, despite gradually developing over time. Eventually, it grew into an inventive program detailed with music figures and continual “event” symptoms with particular oddball motifs.

It’s easy to forget just how imaginative it had been, ergo demonstrating its historical well worth with an attractive celebrity and cast. Anyone who are able to maintain a show for pretty much 10 years goes to make tens of vast amounts.

Considering Carey ended up being certainly one of the professional producers, he reportedly made $750,000 per episode, that has been an archive at that time before the Friends cast went along to $1 million. Only various many years into their program, Carey had been well worth $45 million, making him among the greatest premium comedians in America at that time.

All it took ended up being significantly less than 10 years when you look at the business for him is set for a lifetime. However, it had been simply the beginning of their trajectory, even when lot of money mainly originated from television than films.

Carey didn’t need to worry about branching out into film

Yes, Carey attempted some big-screen comedy attempts, yet nothing really became unforgettable. In most cases, he only made cameos as himself in a variety of comedies, like Coneheads, The Big Tease, and Jack and Jill. None of these films led to Carey finding a solo comedy car for himself.

He performedn’t need to make it regarding the giant screen, since he struck pay soil on tv. Not many comedians can state they’re becoming compensated similarly for tv because they would for a film profession.

Carey ended up being made for television anyhow, including becoming perhaps one of the most affable hosts in television record. When he started hosting Whose Line will it be Anyway? in 1998, he had been employed by exactly the same community where their sitcom was (ABC), plus taking pleasure in just one more tv show lasting near to 10 years.

Once Whose Line will it be Anyway? ended in 2007, there ended up beingn’t even some slack for Carey before he landed their gig hosting The Price is Right. That job took place compliment of hosting a short online game program known as The Power of 10.

How much has actually Carey made web hosting The Price is Right?

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Carey reportedly makes everywhere from $9 million to $12.5 million each year web hosting The Price is Right, making him among the greatest paid online game reveal hosts in the field. Bob Barker was making about $10 million per year in the heyday, though it appears Carey has surpassed him — at the least recently.

Whether those reports of him making $12.5 million tend to be real or otherwise not is up when you look at the atmosphere since Carey often does not expose just what their precise wage is. If that estimation is real, he’s into the exact same industry as Alex Trebek, Pat Sajak, and Vanna White.

Now 13 years into their The Price is Right run, Carey can standalone as a genuine showbiz symbol, including succeeding in an unusual industry of online game program web hosting during their 2nd wind. In total, it is all included as much as a reported $165 million lot of money, some thing few standup comics have already been in a position to accumulate … outside of Jerry Seinfeld. However, massive fortune featuresn’t ended Carey or Seinfeld from continuing their particular professions to make folks laugh because of their particular powerful imaginative drive.

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