During this show Vishal and Madhurima Tuli are coming close to each other

by Patricia Lin
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This season of Bigg Boss is seeing something new everyday. The makers brought several twists to the show this time. Especially the sour-sweet love between Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli. Actually, in a recent episode, the two were seen kissing each other inside Blanket. Both are seen sleeping together in the show. <! –

                 When Madhurima Tuli kisses Vishal Aditya Singh, Vishal asks him why you have not shown such love when we were both in a relationship and together. She gives sweetness on this matter.

After this, Madhurima Tuli said in response that Bigg Boss wanted both of us to love each other again, so he offered me this show and I came here as a wild card contestant. Vishal replies that after the show ends we can both live in a live-in relationship with each other. This is my idea which I like. Madhurima says that she does not like this idea. Vishal and Madhurima Tuli are getting closer to each other during the show.

It was seen in the show that Contestant Aarti Singh and Vikas Gupta were trying to end the growing distance between the two. Later, the two are seen together and feel that things are going well between them. In the show, the distance of these two seems to be slowly ending.

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