Dwayne Johnson Says His New Show ‘Young Rock’ Is Inspired By His ‘Unbelievable Childhood’ Arrests, Country Music and Wrestling

by Jeremy Spirogis
Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson never ever does only one thing. He had been wrestling as The Rock and doing films at precisely the same time. After wrestling he became a mogul, not just featuring in films and television shows but making all of them. He also hosts The Titan Games on NBC, now he’s taking the community a comedy considering their youth. It’s known as Young Rock.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson | Josh Jacks/Star Max/GC Images

NBC revealed the series Young Rock to the Television Critics Association on January 11. Johnson taped a video clip when it comes to TCA to spell out just what types of tales from their life could be portrayed when you look at the tv show. Johnson will even star in most event.

Dwayne Johnson claims anything you see on ‘Young Rock’ will likely to be true

Dwayne Johnson was an available guide speaking about their trip along with his family members in interviews. They make good soundbites and certainly will make better still television.

“Many of you may or may not have heard or read over the years that I have talked about this wild and unpredictable and quite frankly unbelievable childhood that I had,” Johnson stated. “My early years, my adolescence, my teenage years, the Young Rock years, I’ve told many, many stories, many of them unbelievable but all of them true.”

‘Young Rock’ will show Dwayne Johnson in Hawaii in Nashville

Dwayne Johnson stated that developing up in Hawaii he had been arrested each week so you can get into difficulty. When their family members had been evicted through the area, he relocated to Nashville. Can you imagine The Rock enjoying nation music? He performed, and then he nonetheless mingled utilizing the incorrect audience.

Young Rock Will Be Based on Dwayne JohnsonYoung Rock Will Be Based on Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

“Just imagine me at 15 years old, downtown Nashville on lower Broad Street listening to country music in these Honky Tonks at 15 years old and buying my first car from a crack head for $70,” Johnson stated. “I did talk him down. I was a pretty good negotiator.”

‘Young Rock’ will show The Rock’s pre-WWE wrestling

The Rock wasn’t constantly a WWE superstar. Before he arrived with Vince McMahon, Dwayne Johnson had been having to pay their dues from the regional wrestling circuit. They would setup bands when you look at the unlikeliest of locations and offer passes.

Young Rock in 1999Young Rock in 1999
The Rock during the 1999 Emmy Awards | Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

“We’d wrestle in used car dealerships and parking lots of used car dealerships to barns, to state fairs, to flea markets all for 40 bucks per match,” Johnson stated. “Those were the years that were very formative and to help shape me.”

‘Young Rock’ will fulfill historical a-listers

Dwayne Johnson stated he came across a-listers from Andre the Giant to Muhammed Ali and Ronald Reagan inside the youth. He wants those tales becoming on Young Rock too.

“It was almost like I’d been told I had the childhood of Forrest Gump,” Johnson stated. “People weaved in and out of my life that were unbelievable.”

Who is making ‘Young Rock’ with Dwayne Johnson?

Executive producers Nanatchka Khan and Jeff Chiang composed the very first bout of Young Rock and pitched the tv show with Dwayne Johnson. Khan and Chiang also developed Fresh Off the Boat together.

“We’re very, very excited about the show,” Johnson stated. ”My Seven Bucks manufacturing business, myself, my co-creator lover Nanatchka Khan along with her writing lover Jeff Chiang and their particular manufacturing business tend to be integrating with NBC to carry you Young Rock.” 

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