Eating bananas could cause this harmful illness, you can be shocked to know

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Banana meals is a fruit that most individuals prefer to eat. But proper now the bananas coming available in the market are being cooked by soaking them in curbed water. Due to this, consuming 100% could cause most cancers or abdomen dysfunction, so keep away from consuming such bananas.

If the banana has been cooked in its pure method, its stalk turns black and the colour of the banana turns yellow. With this, black spots stay on the ripe banana within the pure method. But if the banana has been cooked utilizing carbide, its stalk might be inexperienced and the colour of the banana might be lemon yellow. Also, not a single stain might be seen in such a banana.

If we combine carbide in water, warmth comes out of it and the gasoline is produced by the Asyatien for which gasoline chopping and so forth. is completed within the village countryside, it has such calorific worth that it might exchange LPG gasoline. <! –


When a bunch of bananas is put into such chemical-rich water, then that chemical descends into the new bananas and the bananas are cooked. However, those that do that have no idea that in such a scenario, this chemical must be used on bananas, on account of which bananas comprise loads of warmth which works into our abdomen.

Disadvantages of consuming bananas cooked by carbide-
1 – Digestive dysfunction
2-eye irritation
3-chest discomfort
4-G nausea
5-stomach ache
6 – Sore throat
7-ulcer drawback
8-Can even be a sufferer of tumor.

This fruit is a boon for sugar sufferers, the impact might be seen after consuming only a piece.

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