Edward Cullen’s Devastating ‘New Moon’ Decision Came a Lot Sooner Than ‘Twilight’ Fans Realized, Detailed in ‘Midnight Sun’

by Jeremy Spirogis
Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) during prom in

Midnight Sun got here out in August and it shed plenty of mild on Twilight. But sadly, Stephenie Meyer isn’t going to write down the remainder of the books from Edward Cullen’s standpoint, though New Moon might be one of the best e book to do it from since he’s gone for many of it. 

But though followers gained’t get that story, Midnight Sun revealed one thing actually devastating about Edward’s actions within the second e book: he’s already planning on leaving Bella on the finish of Twilight

Edward is about on leaving Bella in Phoenix after James assaults her

Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) during prom in 'Twilight.'
Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) throughout promenade in ‘Twilight’ | Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate

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It’s widespread information now that Edward leaves Bella in New Moon. In each the film and e book, he units it up as if he’s outgrown, Bella. That he realizes they don’t belong collectively. Of course, that was a lie; he sacrificed their happiness to provide Bella an opportunity at a standard life. He was nonetheless desperately in love along with her the entire time he was gone.  

But what Midnight Sun revealed was, as Bella recovered within the hospital from James’ assault on her, Edward determined he’d depart finally. Edward lied to Bella in Twilight, though she sensed he was attempting to say goodbye. He slipped up a bit and hinted at him leaving, however then retracted it, though Bella felt uneasy about this. Even although she might sense one thing was up, Edward’s outward assurance made her calm down. However, he was set on his alternative. 

While on the Remember Twilight? Podcast, Meyer stated that elements of that hospital dialog have been irritating as a result of Edward does slip up a bit.

“There were a couple things that bothered me when I was writing,” Meyer stated. “Particularly the scene in the hospital. Not because he’s lying to her to keep her feeling secure. But the times that he doesn’t.”

Meyer stated that Edward often would have had a greater facade and never let Bella see his intention to go away. Because this riles her up. But then Meyer realized he was “emotionally distraught” and due to this fact making errors.

She additionally stated Edward “knows he should be doing a better job” in order that he doesn’t gradual her restoration by upsetting her. But he can’t assist his screw-ups.

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And Edward already is aware of what it’s going to do to Bella

Another facet of his resolution that hit followers within the intestine is the truth that Edward is aware of precisely how his leaving goes to have an effect on Bella. Her strolling zombie routine in New Moon, her refusal to socialize, and being utterly devastated; Edward noticed all of this occur in Alice’s imaginative and prescient when he determined he’d depart. 

“I thought it would be unrealistic and also unfair,” Meyer stated, referring to if Edward didn’t know. “If he could just imagine [Bella] would be fine, like a normal breakup. That she would eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. And watch an empowering female movie and that she would move on. That would be making it too easy for him.”

Edward has to “know the stakes” of his eventual alternative in an effort to actually add onto his robust resolution. Meyer referred to as it a “fair way,” one thing that haunts him for his actually horrible and unhappy alternative. 

Edward does one thing devastating with Bella’s lemonade cap

One ultimate nail within the coffin that Meyer wrote to torment followers is the lemonade cap. The first time that Bella and Edward have lunch collectively, Bella’s consuming lemonade and Edward retains the cap. He doesn’t inform her, however it’s a bit memento he retains from this primary assembly, to remind himself of her. Just a little token. 

The hosts of the podcast famous that they, like a ton of followers, held some consolation in imagining that Edward had the cap all through New Moon as the 2 have been separated. Meyer launched a number of chapters after Midnight Sun was leaked in 2008, so followers have been holding onto that hope for over a decade. However, that was not the case.

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At the tip of Midnight Sun, Edward forces himself to observe the video James took as he tortured Bella. At the tip of it, when Edward realizes his existence in Bella’s life is simply too harmful, he destroys the digital camera and the lemonade cap. So when he leaves her, he actually has nothing left.

Edward Cullen actually ought to have realized earlier on {that a} relationship goes each methods; he can’t simply make a bunch resolution when Bella can be affected too. Sure, you possibly can argue that Edward did it to guard her, however he additionally invalidated the power of her emotions for him by leaving. It’s mainly a multitude. And now figuring out he was making ready to go away because the finish of Twilight is an actual bummer.

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