[EXCLUSIVE] Armaan Malik: For a very long time, individuals had been confused who’s Arijit Singh and who’s Armaan Malik

by Jeremy Spirogis

Armaan Malik on Butta Bomma’s unprecedented success and why it is wrestle to interrupt from playback singing stereotypes& 

Singer-songwriter Armaan Malik may need established himself as a expertise to reckon with however the greatest wrestle for him has been to create an id as an artist. The singer, who has been within the business for greater than a decade now, shares that individuals nonetheless do not know loads about vocalists and playback singers since they’re at all times behind the mic and never on the display screen.   

“Not a lot of people know us, know our personalities and know who we are. A lot of the times, even now that I have started working on international music, and I tell people, you know, this is a song I’ve done for this movie and they’re asking me why are you not there in the music video? Who’s this person lip-synching to your voice? I am like that’s how it works back in India,” he says in an unique interplay with Zoom Digital

Sharing that issues are completely different within the West whereby artists themselves star within the music movies, Malik mentioned, “Here, we are voices, we aren’t personalities yet. I feel like I’ve tried a lot over the past few years to break that image of just being a playback singer. I mean, that is a box that has been created in the industry for a very long time and you can’t grow beyond this,” he mentioned, including that the Punjabi music business has been profitable in creating artists.  

Citing Honey Singh’s instance, Malik mentioned, “Be it the rappers or the pop stars that have come… Even Honey Singh, for example. I think he was one of the first few people in our country to actually be an artist that you look at him and you feel like this is a pop icon in our country. We never associated him as a playback singer, you want to see his music videos. You wanted to see what song is he singing, what is his next single. Very few artists like that were there at that point of time.”

The singer added that for a very long time individuals had been confused as to who he was and who Arijit Singh was as a result of they hadn’t seen a lot of them on the display screen. But now, he thinks, issues are altering. “I think it’s because of that whole shift in non-film music where people started doing singles where I also started featuring in my music videos people started recognizing who Armaan is. They started placing the face with the voice. For a long long time, people people got confused between who’s Arjiit Singh and who is Armaan Malik, no one knew our faces,” he mentioned. 

While the singer is within the information for a lot of causes, the highest on the record is the unprecedented success of Butta Bomma, a music from the 2020 launch, Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo. “It’s insane,” mentioned Malik speaking about how the music continues to be a chartbuster months after its launch. 

“It had done around 40 to 50 million views when the film was released, and I thought the song is a super hit and it’s done well. So, it was the only till that month. I never knew that from that point onwards, and then when the lockdown happened, it became even popular,” he mentioned whereas sharing what number of celebrities together with Australian cricketer David Warner, actress Shilpa Shetty have been sharing dance movies. 

He mentioned that whereas the music is creating new benchmarks for itself, it is also wonderful to see the way it has damaged the language barrier and appealed to even non-Telugu talking audiences. 

Malik mentioned, “I’ve always believed that regional music and music apart from Hindi music really requires a lot of push and support, but this song, on its own strength has done what no other Hindi song had done at that point of time, it actually became a national hit.”

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Malik, whose outdated tweet was dug out by singer Sonu Nigam in a latest row, mentioned that whereas he has nothing to do with the controversy, he resonates with what he has mentioned again within the day.  

“I don’t really have a take on what went down there. But yes, the tweet that he brought out was a sentiment that a lot of singers and musicians in our country have been feeling for a long time. But I think now the industry is changing in a way where non-film music, it’s been given so much more love and weightage and now at a time when Bollywood music isn’t happening that much, I think artists are going to start getting the fame that they deserve, the fame that they should have gotten a long time back,” he mentioned. 

The singer stood by his tweet however acknowledged that issues are altering now and shared his detailed opinion on the tweet in query. “For me, if I sing a song in a Bollywood movie, it’s not necessarily that song is something that I would have made for myself. That’s a song that is composed by a composer, written by a lyricist and I’m just a singer who came and sang that song. And that’s my job. That’s my role. But that’s what we were just reduced to. We were just playback singers coming, singing songs that sometimes we didn’t believe in. There have been songs that I’ve recorded and been out there in the world, which I, at that point of recording, didn’t believe that this is something that I want to sing. But today as an artist, I can decide the kind of song I want to put out, I can decide how I want the video to look, I can decide how I want to promote the song or market the song and everything related to my career. And I think that power was not there a few years back, which is why when he brought that tweet, that tweet was very old. It was a time where we all kind of feel felt creatively suppressed and like not getting to do what we want to do,” clarified the singer in size. 

More lately, the singer united with music composer Mithoon for the music Mera Intezaar Karna in Khuda Haafiz. Sharing his pleasure about the identical, Malik mentioned, “It’s definitely a collaboration that I’ve been waiting for a very long time. Mithoon sir is one of my favourite composers and I’ve always wanted to work with him. So Mera Intezaar Karna is definitely a special song for me. It’s an emotional song, it comes at a very crucial point in the movie,” he mentioned whereas explaining that the expertise was extraordinarily completely different this time because the music was sung, composed and created within the lockdown.

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