[EXCLUSIVE] Armaan Malik's distinctive 'scroll the troll' technique is the appropriate technique to cope with social media bullies

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Armaan Malik’s distinctive ‘scroll the troll’ technique &  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspInstagram

Key Highlights

  • Armaan Malik’s first English single, Control has grow to be an enormous success
  • In an interview with us, he spoke about coping with social media trolls
  • The singer additionally talked about his beforehand deleted posts on Instagram

Social media and know-how have made the world a smaller place. In no time, one can attain out to somebody who’s residing in one other a part of the world with only a few clicks. In reality, social media instruments have enabled celebrities and their followers to remain linked on a macro stage. But the con of social media trolls typically makes issues nasty. And acclaimed singer-performer Armaan Malik acquired to us speaking about his distinctive means of coping with trolls.

Armaan is now basking beneath the glory of his first-ever English single, Control’s success. In an unique interplay with Zoom Digital, the singer opened up about coping with social media bullies through the use of his distinctive methodology of ‘scroll the troll’. We requested Armaan all about coping with social media trolling. He shared:

“Honestly, I am the kind of person who ignores trolls. If there is something that is really, really harsh and I feel really bad about it and I feel like I want to give it back, I do give it. But I follow this thing called ‘scroll the troll’. If I see any trolls, I just scroll down.”

While that’s a means worth-applauding, followers had been not too long ago involved when Armaan had deleted all his earlier Instagram posts and posted three cryptic messages for followers amidst black backdrops which mentioned “I can’t take it anymore”, “Pushing and pulling you back” and “I’m under your control” respectively. We requested Armaan how individuals reacted to the identical. He shared:

“A lot of people messaged me and wanted to know how I am holding up. Many, including my friends, reached out to me saying, ‘Hey, we never thought you of being that kind of a person who will be depressed about something. If there is something that you want to talk about, we are there’. The reason that I removed all my posts on Instagram was that I wanted a fresh start for a fresh journey.”

We requested Armaan if his earlier posts will likely be coming again. He replied:

“I am not sure whether they will be put back again but for me, I have always been of the opinion that if you want to start something new, something old needs to come to a close. Just like how you want to go to the next chapter to know more about the book. You need to finish this chapter which you have in your hand. It wasn’t a finishing kind of thing. For me, it was more like coming out of the cocoon and becoming a butterfly. This was that kind of a moment for me.”

He additional added:

“For a very long time, I was doing music and many articles have come out about how I was low, depressed. It wasn’t depression but it was about low moments in their life. Sometimes you suppress your own dreams and aspirations because you want to keep the people around you happy and for me, it was my moment to shine the way I want to. These are my dreams and that is how I went about the whole thing. The post ‘I can’t take it anymore’ might have given people a dark vibe but then it got cleared when I tweeted that with time everything will be revealed.”

He concluded by saying:

“The crux of the matter was I didn’t do it for any perspective however I simply wished to start out a brand new chapter with a  new method, a brand new journey that I’m embarking on.”

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