[EXCLUSIVE] Smriti Khanna reminisces previous couple of weeks of being pregnant: Gautam had to assist me flip whereas sleeping

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Smriti Khanna reminisces previous couple of weeks of her being pregnant&  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspInstagram

Key Highlights

  • Smriti Khanna and Gautam Gupta embraced parenthood as they welcomed a child woman on April 15
  • In an unique interplay with us, she spoke about the previous few weeks of her being pregnant
  • She shared how troublesome it was for her to even go to the restroom

Becoming a mommy might be one of the crucial blissful experiences in a lady’s life. However, the method in the direction of experiencing that bliss might be an uphill activity. A lady’s physique goes by a zillion modifications when she is anticipating. And telly star Smriti Khanna, who’s now a hands-on mommy, shared with us how her being pregnant was and the way she is caring for her new child little one in quarantine.

In an unique interplay with Zoom Digital, Smriti shares that she by no means left strolling in the previous few days of her being pregnant and had additionally saved a goal for herself. She shared:

“I never left walking until the last days of my pregnancy. I kept a record of that – 6000 steps I had to walk every day. Initially, in my second trimester, I was doing 8000, which reduced to 6000 but I maintained that.”

However, issues bought a bit troublesome for Smriti as she neared the ultimate weeks of her being pregnant:

“In my last couple of weeks, I got this really bad pain, it is called pelvic girdle pain, due to which I couldn’t even move. In that, if I even had to turn on my bed while sleeping, Gautam had to help me. Because anything that had to do with parting my legs, I couldn’t do. If I had to get out of bed, I couldn’t sleep with one leg  down, it was that bad.”

She additional added:

“So Gautam had to help me with that and while going to the restroom. And a lot of loo breaks you need to take towards the end of the pregnancy. I had to go to the restroom every one hour and Gautam had to help me out of bed also and it became that bad, but still, I did not leave my walking.”


Talking about how her total being pregnant section was and if temper swings have been additionally part of the entire course of, the now doting mommy shared

“I don’t know if it was an easy pregnancy but of course, the body goes through a lot of hormonal changes and physical changes. What you can’t control is your hormones and your mood swings or your cravings. So every woman goes through that which has a beautiful side to it. So you hear all these stories and when it actually happens to you, it’s like ‘oh okay’!”

She additionally spoke about her cravings and acknowledged:

“Initially I never had any cravings and I thought how overrated all this is and it is just so filmy. People say you get mood swings and cravings but I did not get anything. But towards the end of the pregnancy, Gautam was like ‘oh this is what people were talking about!’ (laughs)”

Now that she and her hubby Gautam Gupta have welcomed a child woman of their lives, how are they caring for the newborn with out assist in quarantine? Smriti shared with us:

“The brighter side with the kid also is that we are getting a lot of time with the kid, we are dividing the responsibilities. If it gets late in the night and if he [hubby Gautam] has been up for a long time, then I tell that ‘you go and sleep so that you have a few hours of peaceful sleep and now I will handle’. We have been taking turns and doing all that.”

Don’t this trio make for such a cute fam?

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