Exclusive: ‘Songland’ Winner PipoBeats Is Just Getting Started

by Jeremy Spirogis

For Filippo Gabella, often called PipoBeats, music is an integral a part of his life.

“Music is always being made,” he instructed Showbiz Cheat Sheet over the cellphone.

The rising singer-songwriter got here to fame after being named the winner of the Luis Fonsi episode on Season 2 of NBC’s Songland. Fonsi went on to file and launch PipoBeats’ tune “Sway,” and the tune reached No. 1 on the iTunes Music Chart within the U.S. Most lately, PipoBeats launched a single referred to as “I’m Thinking When” that includes Caroline Kole, displaying his capacity to fuse cultures collectively via his songwriting.

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The starting of PipoBeats’ music journey

PipoBeats is of Chilean descent and a self-taught musician. He started educating himself the best way to play devices when he was simply eight years outdated.

“I slowly began playing the drums like crazy on shoeboxes and then playing guitar and then recording on what would be like this terrible, terrible, terrible tape recorder, which would break on me all the time,” he stated.

From the start, PipoBeats realized the best way to play devices so he might make his personal songs.

“I would record the drums on the recorder and then I’d play the piano idea on top of that, or I would play the guitar on the recorder. And then I played the fake drum set on top of that,” he instructed Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “So I was really like trying to find a way to really find out how to make a song at that age, which was like the beginning stages of me trying to create music.”

PipoBeats gained an episode of ‘Songland’

Songland proved to be a turning level in PipoBeats’ profession. While the singer-songwriter knew he needed to make music, Songland served as an affirmation that he picked the correct path in life.

“The biggest takeaway that I got from it was like a reconfirmation from God that I’m doing the exact thing that I should actually be doing. It was like a stamp of approval that all the seven years prior to this that I’ve been doing was like, ‘All right, man, keep going at this because, you know, this can work,’” stated PipoBeats.

PipoBeats launched his debut album Singing Hills in January 2020, only a few months earlier than the Songland episode that includes Fonsi aired on April 20. For the pop singer, the TV present gave his musical expertise the publicity it wanted.

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“The Songland expertise introduced a realization to my music profession like no different… I noticed that my product was by no means the problem. It was the advertising and marketing of the product, which meant that not sufficient folks had been getting the chance to view it,” he stated.

The story behind ‘I’m Thinking When’

On July 17, PipoBeats launched his single “I’m Thinking When” that includes Kole. He initially wrote the tune as an adolescent, and instructed Showbiz Cheat Sheet how his perspective has modified since writing the tune.

“Well, I would never write a song like it now, as far as the lyrical perspective in the story of it, because I find it to be very unhealthy, mentally unhealthy,” PipoBeats stated.

He continued, “I like couldn’t live my own life being happy because I was stuck thinking about what my ex-girlfriend could have been doing and how she could be moving on and this and that… I felt like I would never write a song like that. Like, okay, let’s say that you love that person. Don’t you want them to be happy? If the answer is yes, then it shouldn’t bother you that they are moving on. So that was the perspective that I had when I was at that age.”

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Now, the tune serves as a reminder of his personal progress as an artist.

“You know, you write music, you grow, you write music, you grow, you write music, you grow so,” he stated. “The more music you release over a certain amount of time, the more your persona grows with you.”

Collaborating with Caroline Kole

When he was in highschool, PipoBeats tried to collaborate with Kole on an unfinished tune, however the challenge by no means got here to fruition. Fast ahead just a few years later, and the 2 reconnected by probability in Los Angeles whereas PipoBeats appeared on Songland.

With “I’m Thinking When” accomplished, the 2 recorded the tune in PipoBeats’ residence studio on the final day of Kole’s go to.

“She listens to the song and she just stepped into the studio, started doing like ad libs to it, which blew my face off literally. And I was like, ‘Why don’t you just go in for a full verse,’” PipoBeats stated. “So I take out my second verse on it and she goes in and records her verse and literally like no less than an hour she’s done and I was like ‘Well, there you go.’ And finally the collaboration came to play.”

What’s subsequent for PipoBeats

Sometime this 12 months, the singer will launch a music video for “I’m Thinking When,” and followers can even count on him to placed on some digital live shows amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“I have the music video for ‘I’m Thinking When’ which is the official music video… And that doesn’t have a date yet, but it’s coming soon,” he stated. “Now, during the quarantine, I’m going to be doing some virtual shows.”

Looking previous 2020, PipoBeats has a formidable listing of targets. After having a No. 1 tune on iTunes, he has his sights set on attaining a No. 1 tune on Billboard.

“And I want to win 10 Grammys,” he added. “I write it out every single day in my life.”

Given his expertise and work ethic, PipoBeats has little question that Songland and “I’m Thinking When” have solely scratched the floor of what he’s able to attaining.

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