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  • Famous historian 'Kerala Literature Festival' I provided my reaction

  • Ramchandra Guha asked – Why performed individuals of Karjeya win Rahul Gandhi?

  • Doing disastrous work by electing Rahul Gandhi to Parliament – cavity

  • Rahul does not have any future in politics right in front of PM Modi

Raj Express Speaking at a purpose in Kerala, the well-known historian Ramachandra Guha, while articulating their effect, targeted Rahul Gandhi, the previous President associated with Congress Party, and also pointed to your custom of dynasty regarding the Gandhi household.

Ramachandra Guha claims that, "Personally, I am not against Rahul Gandhi, he is a good man, a decent man, but young India does not like the descendants of the fifth generation."

Guha asked concerns from individuals of Kerala –

During this system, Ramchandra Guha additionally requested the attendees that, Why have you delivered Rahul Gandhi to Parliament?
You have inked a devastating work by electing Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to Parliament.

Ramachandra Guha, the famous historian Khanadhan's 'fifth generation royalist' Rahul Gandhi's toiling 'hard-working and self-made' Narendra Modi, does not have any future in Indian politics.

During this, the popular historian praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stating that, "The real advantage of Narendra Modi is that he is not Rahul Gandhi. He has achieved this position himself. He has run the state for 15 years and has administrative experience. He works remarkably hard and never goes to Europe. Don't take a vacation. Trust me, I'm saying all this seriously. "

Ramchandra Guha said- "During independence 'Great Party' Congress is now 'Pathetic family company' Has already been made This can also be an essential reason behind the introduction of Hindutva and superstition in India.

Explaining at length Ramchandra Guha stated that, "If the Malayalis make a mistake in choosing Rahul Gandhi again in the year 2024, you will benefit Narendra Modi."

Held in Kozhikode on Friday 'Kerala Literature Festival' In the famous historian Ramchandra Guha while handling individuals of Kerala, all of these things had been someplace. Keep informing that, Rahul Gandhi Lok Sabha Elections 2019 He had lost their conventional Lok Sabha seat from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh. However, he won from Wayanad in Kerala.

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