Famous hookah taverns dependent on minors, CB takes activity

by Jeremy Spirogis
Arvind Kejriwal condemned mob attack on Nankana Sahib Gurdwara

Raj Express Crime Branch has had significant activity within the money of Madhya Pradesh by tightening the unlawful trade of medicines underneath the guise of popular hookah lounges and restaurants. The crime part as well as the authorities staff formed an independent staff and checked in around 15 restaurants, pubs and hookah lounges when you look at the town.

Addicting minors:

Explain that the Crime Branch had gotten information that unlawful trade-in hookah lounges and restaurants will be carried out within the town also small young ones are becoming hooked.

Tight Nails at Famous Restaurants and Hookah Lounge:

In this regard, Crime Branch took strict action regarding the town's renowned restaurants, pubs and hookah lounges, including Nakel Kasi, which include Black Mamwa Pub, Ali Baba Restaurant, Dana Pani Restaurant, K2 Pub, Maya Classroom, Moksha, Leela Foods High Out, Tick Talk, Checking by Crime Branch at Atmosphere, D Ranch, TDS, Pitchers, Drinks, LPK Restaurant, The Pitchers Pub. <! –


Actions taken under Excise Acts:

During checking in the action of Crime Branch, where unlicensed alcohol had been supported to clients in Dana Pani, Alibaba, De Ranch restaurants, activity had been taken underneath the Excise Act, even though the small young ones had been made tobacco into the Tic Tock Hookah Bar, etc. Action had been taken under Section 4,6,24, Tubaco Act. At the same time frame, activity had been taken by the Crime Branch under parts of Tobacco Act for unlawful hookah served at Atmosphere Hookah Bar and Restaurant.

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