Fans Are Already Begging PBS for ‘Sanditon’ Season 2, But They May Be Disappointed

by Jeremy Spirogis
Charlotte and Sidney in Sanditon

Sanditon only begun airing when you look at the U.S. on Jan. 12, but followers associated with the show are usually begging PBS for a season 2. The program, which adapts Jane Austen’s last, incomplete book, stars Rose Williams as Charlotte Heywood, a new girl whom moves into the seaside resort town of Sanditon for a summer and learns some important classes about love. But those who find themselves looking to come back to Sanditon for follow-up period may well not manage to get thier wish. 

[Spoilers ahead for Sanditon Season 1]  

U.S. viewers happen to be wondering about ‘Sanditon’ Season 2 

While Sanditon only started airing on PBS channels when you look at the U.S., all eight attacks are designed for streaming for people with a PBS Passport account. Some watchers have binged the entire show, and they’re hungry for more. 

“2nd Season PLEEEEEAAAASE,” one individual commented regarding the @masterpiecepbs Instagram account. “Binged it this week! Really hope we get a second season,” another added. 

Why we possibly may perhaps not see a lot more of ‘Sanditon’ 

Sanditon fans who wish to uncover what takes place to Charlotte, Sidney (Theo James), and Miss Lambe (Crystal Clarke) could need to utilize their particular imaginations. Odds aren’t looking great for a season 2 associated with the tv show. 

Like many costume dramas that environment when you look at the U.S., Sanditon is a British import. The tv show ended up being initially transmitted on ITV in 2019. And in December 2019, the community verified so it performedn’t program to create the tv show straight back for a moment season. 

Outrage throughout the show’s ending 

Charlotte and Sidney in Sanditon
Rose Williams as Charlotte and Theo James as Sidney in Sanditon | Courtesy of © Red Planet Pictures / ITV 2019

Sandition received a warm reception whenever it broadcast when you look at the U.K., with several audiences moaning that the tv show wasn’t exactly what they anticipated from an Austen version. Some had been postponed because of the addition of intercourse views and a subplot which has had a set of stepsiblings involved with a creepy, incestuous relationship. 

But exactly what actually got men and women up in hands ended up being the show’s final event. At the start of the event, Charlotte is from the brink of getting a married relationship suggestion from Sidney Parker, the series’ Mr. Darcy-esque personality. But in a-twist, Sidney ultimately ends up proposing to their previous fire, a wealthy widow whoever lot of money helps bail their bro away from financial obligation. Charlotte is devastated, additionally the episode’s final scene sees her saying good-bye to Sidney — who tells her he doesn’t love their fiancée — then riding down in a carriage to come back residence to her household. 

The divisive ending seemed to be establishing the arrive for a moment period, specially since subplots concerning various other figures had been additionally kept unresolved. But with ITV’s choice, it seems like audiences will not determine if Sidney undergoes together with intend to get married an other woman, or whether Charlotte forgives him or rather chooses to go after a relationship with aspiring designer James Stringer.

Could American audiences conserve ‘Sandton’? 

Charlotte Heywood in SanditonCharlotte Heywood in Sanditon
Sanditon | Courtesy of © Red Planet Pictures / ITV 2019

While ITV has actually taken the connect on Sanditon, show creator Andrew Davies says there’s nevertheless expect the tv show, if American audiences make their particular voices heard. 

“We’d love to carry on with a second series and even more if there was an appetite for it. Because certainly the people in the UK who saw it, absolutely loved it. So it had some very passionate fans, but for ITV, we didn’t quite get enough numbers,” Davies informed Decider. “So we just hope it’s a big hit in the States and that it makes ITV reconsider.”

Davies included it was feasible for PBS or any other solution to get the tv show. And Red Planet Pictures, which produced the tv show, has actually expressed fascination with maintaining the show live.

“Hang on in there. Keep giving the show all your love because we’d love to give you lots more of it,” Davies stated.

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