Fans Want 'Justice For Johnny Depp' After Amber Heard 'Hitting' Audio

by Jeremy Spirogis
Fans Want 'Justice For Johnny Depp' After Amber Heard 'Hitting' Audio

Johnny Depp: If things get actual, we must split up. We need be aside from the other person. Whether it’s for fucking one hour or 10 hours or fucking each day. We must, there could be no assault towards one another.

Amber Heard: we agree concerning the assault, but breaking up for every day, using every night removed from our wedding?

Johnny Depp: All I’m saying is we have to just take whatever time we require you. You need, i want, to sorts of let things accept a moment. So we do not fucking eliminate each various other or fucking even worse, you realize, fucking actually kill one another or fucking split up or whatever.

Johnny Depp: If the battle escalates to the level of where it is simply insulting for each of us, uh, or if perhaps it extends to that actual fucking st, the assault, that is as soon as we only stated, look, let us visit our sides, guy, you hang anywhere you need, baby. I’m moving in any office and I’m simply gonna fucking stay here and attempt and de-jellify my fucking mind.

Amber Heard: i can not pledge it will be perfect. I cannot pledge you i will not get actual once again. God I fucking often I have therefore angry we shed it. I’m able to fucking guarantee you i am going to try everything to improve. We guarantee you. I’m perhaps not likely to put around breakup we perhaps not state breakup unless i must say i suggest it.

Johnny Depp: i really like both you and i really want you to-be my partner. And I would like to end up being your spouse. And we wanna be a great spouse. If We haven’t already been, I’ll do everything i could to learn just how to be a great spouse.

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