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by Jeremy Spirogis
fatigue types and ways to reduce it health news

By: Ahsan Ali (Physical Instructor)

Fatigue is a process in which the body is constantly in a state of tiresome, pain, and anxiety, human beings feel tired during daily tasks and often work remains incomplete. Due to fatigue, the body is not ready to do anything. There are two main types of fatigue.

1. Physical fatigue

2. Mental exhaustion

* 1- physical exhaustion *

Physical exhaustion usually happens to all kinds of people. Continuing a task, doing something beyond your physical ability, due to illness, anemia can lead to physical exhaustion.

Due to physical fatigue, the body is unable to do even the smallest tasks. There is no work that can be done. Every time there is pain in some part of the body. There is a feeling of tension and pain in the muscles.

The best solution for physical exhaustion is proper diet, exercise, relaxation, massage and better workout planning.

* 2 mental exhaustion *

This is the most attention-grabbing type of tiredness that we often ignore. Rather, by integrating it into physical exhaustion, people create more problems for themselves.

Insomnia, depression, hypertension, being too sensitive, thinking too much and also working in noisy places can cause mental exhaustion.

Mental fatigue leads to low vision, irritability, inattention and blood pressure. The best way to deal with it is to make yourself strong enough that no problem can overcome your consciousness.

Learn to tolerate and overlook things. Get proper sleep. If you work in noisy places, you must come home and rest for at least an hour alone in a peaceful environment.

In every tension, remember that your first priority should be your life and mental and physical fitness. If you take steps to keep yourself healthy, you will lead a healthy life.

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