Finance Minister Bhanot and MLA Shera's statements on political techniques in dialogue

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Raj Express The subject of horse buying and selling in Madhya Pradesh has shaken the politics, the statements of the leaders and new twist are rising this subject in the intervening time, the statements of Finance Minister Bhanot and MLA Shera, just lately discussed!

Let us inform you that the place the video and assertion of MLA Surendra Singh Shera created a stir, as soon as once more the assertion got here within the dialogue …

Shera reaches residence to satisfy Finance Minister Tarun Bhanot

In the dialog, he stated – I wish to be the Home Minister, the present Home Minister Balabachan lacks capabilities. Work shouldn’t be working with them. I wish to make folks pleasant police. <! –

                 People shouldn’t be afraid of the police to grow to be their mates. Hail to Mother Rani.

On making Shera a minister, said- each MLA's discuss has been taken significantly, quickly you’re going to get to see the result. is

On making Shera a minister, he said-

"Every MLA's talk has been taken seriously, soon you will get to see the result, in this case Chief Minister Kamal Nath has to take a final decision. If a person wants to work with the people of the region for the entire state, it will What is wrong."

Finance Minister asked-

"Where is Arvind Bhadoria, where are the MLAs Ashutosh Tiwari and Vidisha?" When did I say that the hostages have been taken hostage? "

MLA Shera stated

"Neither he was taken nor taken hostage. He has made it clear to the Chief Minister. He is with the Chief Minister and will remain. On the question of two Congress MLAs still missing, Finance Minister Tarun Bhanot said that we are waiting for them, they can come anytime. "

Finance Minister requested the media in reverse

"Many BJP MLAs are missing, why are they not being discussed so much. They said that someone will also tell where BJP MLA Arvind Bhadoria is these days and with whom?"

Independent MLA Surendra Singh Shera's assertion

"I have a 32-year-old relationship with CM Kamal Nath ji, I do not think that BJP will be able to succeed in what I am trying to do. I think some more MLAs will come with them after seeing Kamal Nath ji's personality. I have no offer from BJP has given."

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Shera has grow to be jackal, leaps like a monkey: minister

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