Forget the MCU: Keanu Reeves Fans Want Their Favorite Actor to Join This Film Franchise Instead

by Jeremy Spirogis
Keanu Reeves on the red carpet

If it is an easy task to phone Keanu Reeves the best Hollywood nomad just who appears to magically discover himself from the pair of every significant film, he may have the ability to include much more to their filmography ultimately. Rumors keep abounding he’ll come in the MCU, particularly The Eternals.

These unconfirmed stories will always be exactly that, however it does not stop Reeves’ fans from desiring him to do something in practically every little thing. Maybe he’ll accomplish that together with brand-new job renaissance and uncanny capacity to stabilize huge films just like the brand-new Matrix sequel, plus John Wick 4.

Despite these being sufficient, followers today wish Reeves to surface in another iconic movie team on the MCU. Should this take place, it may need to be for Disney+ in the place of in a theatrical film.

Keanu Reeves on the red carpet
Keanu Reeves | Yuichi Yamazaki/Getty Images

Fans created a Keanu Reeves ‘Star Wars‘ video some presume could become a reality

On YouTube, faux, fan-made trailers of particular stars showing up in huge film franchises tend to be done on a regular basis. Most of times, they’re pure dream, but there may be a period whenever one of these becomes an eerie harbinger into the future. One recently made with Keanu Reeves within the Star Wars world has actually individuals speaking.

No, this isn’t Reeves within the Skywalker schedule. This ended up being a video clip of him within the Old Republic period of this tale. The video clip online game group of these reports became the talk of Star Wars lore, excluding hearsay next movies being made needs destination for the reason that period.

Yet, there is certainlyn’t something definite Old Republic films are made. Even though David Benioff and D.B Weiss had been planning to write and direct movies in this niche, there’s no informing what Kathleen Kennedy will accept today at Lucasfilm.

Even though the electronic secret within the preceding lover movie with Reeves is amazing, there probably won’t be any truth to it any time in the future. However, there appears to be some reasoning from resources like Screen Rant that informing the tales associated with the Old Republic will eventually be inescapable.

Chances are great Keanu Reeves might be in anything

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Nobody predicted Reeves could have the type of renaissance to their job he’s appreciating today. At this aspect, he could work in any team he wished. The only thing preventing him is undoubtedly some time responsibilities with other films.

Talk about him joining Star Wars happens to be happening for many many years, mostly because he’s acted in various other flicks that give Jedi vibes, like 47 Ronin. Footage of him using this film ended up being included in to the preceding lover movie to spectacular result, appearing he does match that old Jedi globe with aplomb.

Whether Lucasfilm will truly wish to concentrate on the Old Republic is one more thing. Most instant focus is from the nostalgic programs for Disney+ (The Mandalorian, and the future Obi-Wan series), so it’s up floating around exactly what will come next.

Many believe it will be a waste never to concentrate on this time around duration because the game titles became significantly more than just a little preferred. Should Lucasfilm take action with all the personality of Revan, one should question when they understand a theatrical launch could be an excessive amount of a gamble.

Would Reeves benefit Disney+?

It’s safe to state that Reeves may possibly most probably to your performing chance, including streaming. Although he has actuallyn’t labored on television in many years and bit on streaming, having him join Disney+ in an Old Republic show may possibly strike the top from the Star Wars lover neighborhood.

Any chance as of this probably won’t happen for quite some time. Age can also be one factor with Reeves since everything one should watch for means he’ll be better to 60 because of the time it is made.

Outside of being 54 today, at the least he does not look his age and usually 20 many years younger. The character Revan is not age-specific, except that appearing like he’s about in the 30s through the game tales.

Plus, the movie online game type of Revan does resemble Reeves only a little, which makes it well worth thinking perhaps the designers had the star at heart all along.

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