‘Friends’: The Mystery of Monica Geller’s Middle Name

by Jeremy Spirogis
Courtney Cox as Monica Geller sitting in her apartment

Throughout 10 seasons, followers discovered quite a bit about their favourite mates, together with their center names. Joey Tribbiani, for instance, carried the center identify of Francis, whereas Chandler Bing and Ross Geller each wore extra distinctive center names. It was revealed that Chandler’s center identify was Muriel, and Ross’ center identify was Eustace. Pheobe Buffay’s center identify remained a thriller as a result of her sister burned her delivery certificates and Rachel Green’s center identify was Karen. One friend, nonetheless, walked away from the collection by no means mentioning her center identify. So, what precisely was Monica Geller’s center identify?

We do know that Monica Geller’s center identify begins with the
letter “E”

Monica’s center identify begins with an E. Monica’s initials had been revealed to be M.E.G. in season 2, episode 21. After being fired from her job, Monica acquired fixated on watching the inventory ticker on TV. She seen that there was an organization that had been assigned her initials as their ticker image. Eventually, she gambled on “herself” and spent the final of her financial savings to purchase inventory within the firm. Eventually, she misplaced all of her cash when she determined to diversify, and needed to take the diner job she detested.

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The precise firm that Monica invested in isn’t
talked about on Friends. The ticker image is presently reserved for a
firm known as MEG Energy, based mostly in Canada. The firm, nonetheless, was not
based till 1999, and Monica revealed her initials in 1996, which means MEG
Energy in all probability wasn’t the corporate she invested in.

Fans are fairly positive they know what Monica’s center identify isn’t

Screen Rant factors out that Ross Geller’s center identify is Eustace, which, clearly, additionally begins with the letter E. Based on that reality, it’s doable that the Gellers had been going for some type of center identify theme with their youngsters. It doesn’t appear to be a coincidence that they each have E as a center preliminary.

Courtney Cox as Monica Geller sitting in her apartment
Courteney Cox as Monica Geller | Reisig & Taylor/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal through Getty Images

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Several followers identified that it appears unlikely that Monica’s identify could be Erica, Emily, Emma, or Elizabeth as a result of all 4 names had been used on the present in some unspecified time in the future. Ross dated an Elizabeth, and he was briefly married to Emily. Emma was the identify of Ross’ baby with Rachel and Erica was the identify of the delivery mom of Monica and Chandler’s twins.

So, what’s Monica Geller’s center identify?

Unfortunately, Monica’s center identify was by no means revealed. However,
followers do have some theories about what her center identify may very well be. If the Geller’s
had been going for a theme with center names, it’s doable that Monica’s center
identify may very well be Esther or the same sounding identify. Her grandmother’s identify was
Althea. While it doesn’t start with the letter E, there are different
spellings of the identify that would clarify Monica’s center preliminary.

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While the thriller of Monica’s center identify was by no means solved
throughout the collection’ unique run, it’s doable that followers may nonetheless get a definitive
reply. Friends will likely be touchdown on HBO Max within the coming days, and a reunion
episode is deliberate. Perhaps writers will deal with the thriller of Monica’s center
identify at that time.

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