‘Frozen:’ What Are Elsa and Anna’s Zodiac Signs?

by Jeremy Spirogis
Title placard of  the Disney film

These two sisters are fairly totally different, particularly in terms of their birthdays. However, it’s what they’ll do collectively that saves their kingdom and conjures up Disney followers throughout the globe. 

Here’s what we find out about Anna and Elsa from Frozen’s precise and fan-predicted zodiac indicators, based mostly on their birthdays. 

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When are Anna and Elsa’s birthdays? What are their official zodiac indicators?

Although it’s by no means talked about within the unique Frozen, (Elsa later throws a celebration for Anna throughout Frozen Fever,) followers have a reasonably good thought of Elsa and Anna’s respective birthdays. That’s all because of Jennifer Lee, the screenwriter and the director behind this award-winning animated movie.

“For all who’ve asked, here’s an exclusive: Elsa was born on the Winter Solstice and Anna on the Summer Solstice,” Lee tweeted of those characters. 

That signifies that Elsa was born round Dec. 21, making her a Saggitarius. For the summer time solstice, Anna was born round June 21, making her a Gemini-Cancer cusp. Sagittarius solar indicators, similar to Elsa, are recognized for being adventurous and free-spirited. 

For Anna, who would exhibit indicators of each a Gemini and a Cancer, her seek for real love and her enormous coronary heart completely is smart. Birthdays apart, some followers took it upon themselves to guess these characters’ zodiac indicators based mostly on their personalities. 

Title placard of  the Disney film 'Frozen 2'
Title placard of the Disney movie ‘Frozen 2’ | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

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Some say Elsa is a Virgo

Although followers know Elsa’s precise birthday and zodiac signal, some assume that she displays traits of different solar indicators. Because of her consideration to element, each in her ice sculptures and her life, some assume she might be a Virgo.

According to My Sign Says, “this snow queen is a total Virgo. With her extreme self-control and tendency to be hard on herself, Elsa shows some of the worst, most self-sabotaging traits of this Zodiac sign. However, her strength and attention to detail also help her run an entire country.”

These Virgo traits do turn out to be useful, although, particularly in terms of holding her kingdom and her sister protected. In Frozen 2, although, Elsa decides that’s greatest for each Arandelle and herself — making Anna the queen.

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Fans agree that Anna holds some Gemini traits

Her love for her sister is at all times fixed, however generally, that loyalty can nearly be cussed, particularly when Elsa is attempting to get to Ahtohallan throughout Frozen 2. According to some web sites, Anna’s character may completely imply that she’s both a Gemini or a Cancer.

My Sign Says writes, “like all Geminis, Anna talks an excessive amount of for her personal good. Elsa’s sister from Frozen is quick-witted and somewhat bit indecisive. She additionally lets her personal enthusiasm carry her into scary conditions, like falling for the fallacious dude.”

Both Frozen films can be found for binge-watching on Disney’s streaming platform. There’s additionally tv specials accessible that function Olaf, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and all of their associates. To be taught extra about Disney+ and to subscribe, go to their web site. 

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