#GhulamiKaGulabJamun: & # 039; Funeral & # 039; of Mughal thought within the nation. When?

by Jeremy Spirogis
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We are introducing you to this Gulab Jamun of slavery. People of the nation have been consuming these Gulab Jamuns of slavery for the final 70 years. You could develop ideological diabetes by consuming it. Therefore today it’s best to learn about its risks. The intellectuals of the nation continued slavery to the court docket and household through the 72 years of independence.

You should have usually heard that when a rustic is damaged into items, it turns into small international locations or princely states. When the British left India in two elements after independence in 1947, India was additionally divided into 565 princely states and plenty of of those princely states needed to declare themselves as free international locations, some dreamed that they have been Pakistan To be part of with, however Sardar Patel, the primary Home Minister of the nation, didn’t let this occur and united the entire nation on the idea of his technique and political acumen. <! –

                 But you’ll be stunned to know that geographically, the Indian subcontinent was constructed 5 and a half million years in the past. When a big a part of a really giant continent named Gondwana was separated and it began shifting in direction of Eurasia.

This half of a giant land was later referred to as the Indian subcontinent. 200 million years in the past, Gondwana was half of a bigger continent referred to as Penjia. Later Pangea cut up into two. One half was Gondwana and the opposite half was Lauresia … Today's Africa, South America, Antarctica, Australia and India was a part of this Gondwana land. That is, these international locations have been geographically very shut to one another.

Altogether, thousands and thousands of years in the past, when giant tectonic plates collided beneath the earth, many items of land have been shaped and plenty of international locations have been shaped by these items, however today the political pursuits of the leaders are colliding and these The leaders try to interrupt the nation into items by preventing Hindus and Muslims amongst themselves.

One such effort has been made by AIMIM chief Akbaruddin Owaisi. He has mentioned that Muslims dominated India for greater than 800 years, so what extra proof is required for citizenship? Akbaruddin Owaisi raised the purpose of Mughal rulers, however didn’t say that in these 800 years a lot of the Muslim rulers saved planning to loot the nation and kill Hindus and when their rule got here to an finish, the Mughal emperors looted the nation. The job was handed over to the British and by accepting the slavery of the British themselves, Aisho began spending his remaining time comfortably.

Millions of years in the past, when the Indian subcontinent collided with Asia, the Himalayan Mountains have been born and plenty of international rulers tried to rule India by crossing this Himalayan mountain. Many individuals declare that India was by no means politically a rustic. It was divided into many elements. Which was dominated by totally different kings, and first the Mughals after which the British introduced India beneath one rule and on this means the current day India, Idea of ​​India was born.

But this has been mentioned over the last 72 years. On the idea of which, even today, makes an attempt are made to chop India. The Durbar custom was at its peak through the reigns of the Mughals and the British. At the behest of the British, these courts have been divided and political schemes have been made and the courtiers used numerous measures to please the rulers, to cheer them up and browse their praises. There have been share-shayari and poetry was written.

The court docket custom got here to an finish with India's independence in 1947, however many intellectuals and designer journalists of our nation. They continued to attend the ideological courts of the rulers, and these individuals, whereas enslaving the court docket and household for 70 years, wrote historical past in line with their comfort and by immersing themselves within the syrup of English and literature. Slavery's Gulab Jamun He saved feeding the entire nation.

Therefore, we’re introducing you to this Gulab Jamun of slavery. People of the nation have been consuming these Gulab Jamuns of slavery for the final 70 years. You could develop ideological diabetes by consuming it. Therefore today it’s best to learn about its risks. The intellectuals of the nation continued slavery to the court docket and household through the 72 years of independence.

They made slavery so glamorous by dipping it within the sugar syrup that these Gulab Jamuns of slavery all appeared very tasty and in return these court docket historians and intellectuals bought large prizes and posts. Together these individuals kidnapped literature and historical past and all these individuals grew to become Liberals from slaves as quickly because the court docket system broke.

This false historical past has misled the nation for a very long time and the result of this unsuitable historical past remains to be struggling today. In our nation even today, there is no such thing as a dearth of politicians, intellectuals and designer journalists who contemplate ideological slavery because the weapon of progress. Not solely Akbaruddin Owaisi. Rather, Congress and NCP leaders Ashok Chavan and Jitendra Awhad have additionally proved by way of their statements that the Mughals migrated from the nation, the British left however the custom of ideological slavery has not ended.

Ashok Chavan has mentioned that his occasion i.e. Congress shaped the federal government in Maharashtra solely by asking Muslims, as a result of Muslims contemplate BJP as their staunch enemy, Jitendra Awhad has mentioned that after loss of life a Muslim household can show by displaying the grave. Where have been his ancestors buried, however how would a Hindu show the place his ancestors have been cremated?

That is, the struggle over the brand new citizenship regulation has now come from paper to grave and day-after-day, by defining the definition of historical past and tradition at their very own comfort… there may be an try and divide the nation. BJP has strongly objected to those statements of NCP and Congress.

BJP has mentioned that Congress ought to now be referred to as Muslim League Congress, due to the aspirations of Congress and Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the nation was divided and today the Congress is as soon as once more dividing the nation on the idea of faith.

These historians gave you details about just one period of Indian civilization, 5000 years outdated, this was that period. When Muslim invaders from overseas have been ruling India. These Muslim rulers are not within the nation. But the brunt of the court docket custom he left behind, the nation continued to endure for 70 years after independence. On the idea of this false historical past, some individuals are telling this nation as their very own and saying that when the Muslim rulers have been ruling the nation. It was the golden age of the nation. Based on this historical past based mostly on untruth, some politicians, some intellectuals, designer journalists and piecemeal gangs are dreaming of breaking the nation.

Today we are going to clarify to you the true chronology of historical past from 5 thousand years until now, by seeing which you’ll perceive what was the golden age of Indian civilization. But right here it’s important to contemplate one factor.

You should have learn in regards to the courts within the historical past books, during which the emperors used to specifically appoint poets, writers and historians of their court docket, and these courtiers of historic occasions in line with the need of the clever emperor, in line with the historical past, poems and tales Were composed and the identical custom is being practiced by today's intellectuals and is engaged within the worship of a household and court docket.

If solely ruling a rustic is a measure of citizenship. Accordingly, the British must also be given citizenship of India, as a result of Agrej continued to rule India for 200 years. By now you have got understood that the method of building of today's India began as a bit of land 50 and a half million years in the past.

But it was a pure phenomenon. 1300 years in the past, Muslim invaders attacked India. Then, about 300 years in the past, the British got here to India and the British saved the entire of India within the chains of slavery for about 200 years. If court docket historians, intellectuals, English-speaking celebrities and designer journalists are to be believed, it appears as if there was no geographical or political existence of India within the meantime for round 54 million 98 thousand and 700 years.

This is the historical past written within the political courts with the pen of sycophancy, by way of which the nation was saved in deception for 72 years and tried to show that if the Mughals didn’t come to India, then the tradition of India would don’t have any identification of its personal and If the British didn’t come to India, India wouldn’t know the significance of democracy, unbiased justice system, and freedom of expression. Because in line with these historians, the British launched Indians to those programs.

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