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by Jeremy Spirogis
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Till date you have got heard and found out about various ways to entice clients, but a restaurant in China has begun an unusual research to woo clients. The reduced dresses the girls come right here, the greater rebate these are generally offered within the costs.

This restaurant is within Jinan town of eastern China. When females clients arrive right here, staff members measure their particular dresses and properly they have a price reduction on the meals expenses. Employees take inch tape to measure exactly how many ins over the leg the woman's dress is.

The shorter the top, the more the rebate within the costs. If the dress is three ins over the leg, the restaurant offers a 20 % rebate within the costs. <! –

                 a costs up to 90 per cent is reduced on skirts 13 ins greater than the leg. Yang Jia Hotpot Restaurant is well-known for its tasty meals in Chongqing town of China.

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