‘Grey’s Anatomy’: The Tragic Thing That Happened to Meredith That Everyone Forgets About

by Jeremy Spirogis
Ellen Pompeo in Grey

It’s been a hardcore 12 months for Meredith Grey. The mother of three and lead personality on Grey’s Anatomy got fired from her job, spent amount of time in prison, and encountered ab muscles genuine chance for dropping her health permit.

That’s and of course her neighborhood solution stint, her daughter’s health problems, together with end of her very first steady commitment in lot of many years. 

But it is significantly more than the last 12 months, Meredith Grey has surely needed to battle through some difficulties to make the journey to where she actually is today. And even though many followers will agree totally that the loss of her spouse had been perhaps the worst thing to occur to your gifted medical practitioner, there’s one tragic occasion many followers appear to forget. 

It’s been a lengthy roadway for Meredith Grey

Ellen Pompeo in Grey's Anatomy
ELLEN POMPEO, DEVIKA PARIKH | Kelsey McNeal/ABC via Getty Images

Meredith Grey has arrived a considerable ways since she initially found Derek Shepherd in Joe’s club. That young faced intern has exploded into an award-winning surgeon who’s not afraid to take risks. But this hasn’t already been effortless. 

Meredith was raised without a parent. Her parent left whenever she had been a kid and finally began a household with an other woman. Her mommy wasn’t truly indeed there for her often, concentrating more about her work than her youngster. 

Meredith’s dilemmas had been obvious through the beginning of Grey’s Anatomy. She struggled together with her relationship with Derek and fought extremely dark private demons.

At one point Meredith fell to the Puget Sound and chose to quit battling, dying before her other surgeons spared her.

Even though they certainly were in a position to deliver her back into life, she’s got invested her many years understanding how to stay alongside the demons of her last.

The loss of her spouse changed which she actually is today

Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd will always be the fantasy few. Their commitment is just one you want you’d. Their love had been immediate and survived many obstacles. When Derek died by the end of Season 11, fans had been heartbroken. Meredith additionally the tv show could not become exact same.

Meredith took her husband’s death difficult and she managed it the only path she understood just how. She disappeared together with her kids in the exact middle of the evening, and just came back whenever she provided delivery to her 3rd son or daughter.

Though Meredith features survived and perhaps became a much better medical practitioner, her interactions and household have not already been the exact same. It took quite a few years on her behalf to start up by herself becoming with someone else. 

There’s one tragic event that fans constantly forget

It could be difficult to keep an eye on exactly what Meredith Grey has already established to withstand. She features lost both moms and dads, a spouse, siblings, and buddies. She is fired, suspended, and already been individually challenged with techniques that a lot of individuals never ever will.

But there’s one event that is apparently forgotten, maybe not given that it had been unimportant or given that it performedn’t influence a doctor, but simply since it is one of several tragic occasions. 

During Season 12, Meredith had been managing a major accident target. The victim had a seizure and endured post-seizure hyper-aggression. The usually mild-mannered guy became instantly and viciously intense. He assaulted Meredith and left her helpless on the ground, while he faded back in unconsciousness. 

It had been a few mins until Meredith had been discovered. At that time, she could maybe not hear or talk. The assault also impacted Meredith mentally and she endured serious anxiety within the months that then followed. 

It’s hard to express just how much the occasions of the time additionally the months that adopted truly effected Meredith Grey. And perhaps fans have grown to be numb to the traumatization the doctor features endured since there recently already been so much

Throughout every tragedy, Dr. Grey has actually only turn out stronger. While it may possibly be difficult to view Meredith battle much, the pain sensation and heartache have made her to the fearless medical practitioner she actually is today. 

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