Has Malik Riaz also become a Sacred Cow?

by Jeremy Spirogis
Has Malik Riaz also become a Sacred Cow

Islamabad (Sahiwal Tv – December 4, 2019) Silence of Pakistan’s highly dynamic media and highly active politicians on the issue of London property of constructor Malik Riaz is surprising to many people in the country.

The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has recently made settlement with Malik Riaz family for a reported £ 190m. Except Dawn, no other media group has published the name of this business tycoon. Even the government officials, who continue to accuse their opponents of various kinds of hostility, have remained silent on the issue and have refrained from naming Malik Riaz. Due to this attitude of politicians and media, many people are now asking whether Malik Riaz is above criticism.

To be clear, in the past they have been accused of grabbing land in Karachi and other parts of the country in a non-transparent manner. Until recently, when a decision was made in the Supreme Court regarding Bahria Town Karachi, the news media for the moment was almost ‘silent’ on the news. In this situation, in many circles, the idea is becoming stronger that Malik Riaz has become a ‘holy cow’ and in a country where a powerful institution like the Army can be criticized, it is difficult to criticize Malik Riaz.

One politician said on condition of anonymity, “People say why politicians do not speak on the issue of Malik Riaz.” I ask what the media is saying on this issue? The fact is that he cooperates with all. Then who will speak against them?”

Malik Riaz’ influence on Pakistani society and politics is immense. That is why people do not speak on their problems. He donates to political parties, give political figures a free home. He employs retired generals and other military officers, bureaucrats and anchor personnel in his company. So who would speak against them in such a situation?

Pakistan’s mainstream media is not discussing this issue but social media is getting a lot of criticism. Even PTI member National Assembly Aamir Liaquat lashed out at Malik Riaz and asked why his name was not being taken to the media.

Social media is the only platform in Pakistan where the topic is being discussed. If the government does not clarify this, then things will open in three to four days. The facts cannot be hidden in today’s era.

It is to be noted that the UK’s National Crime Agency said yesterday that as a settlement, the amount of £ 190m will be handed over to the Pakistani government.

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